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Trump calls talk of bedbugs at his Doral resort ‘a false and nasty rumor.’ Inspections say...

The news that President Donald Trump might hold the 2020 G7 summit at Trump National Doral sparked a worldwide Googling party that turned up stories on a 2016 lawsuit alleging bedbugs at the Northwest Miami-Dade resort.

And that, in turn, sparked a Twitter retort from the President of the United States.

The resort settled the lawsuit.

President Trump passes this fact check, at least as far as bedbugs.

These are the four Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation inspections listed for the lodging parts of the Trump National Doral hotel, 4400 NW 87th Ave. in Doral.

May 29, 2019 — No violations were observed.

March 12, 2018 One High Priority violation: Balcony Inspection certificate expired on May 22, 2017.

Feb. 8, 2017 Two Basic violations: “faucet leaking/constantly dripping in the boiler room” and “Light fixture (attached to building) not functioning. Room Spa 31”

Aug. 30, 2016 No violations were observed.

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Read Next

The restaurants at Trump National Doral also get inspected. Here’s what the DBPR folks had to say about these places since the start of 2018.

Banquet Legends

May 29, 2019 — No violations.

March 12, 2018 — Five Basic violations, including “floor areas covered with standing water. Under grill and stove area” (repeat violation)” and “cutting board has cut marks and is no longer cleanable.” One Intermediate violation for “Spray bottle containing toxic substance not labeled.” It got labeled.

Market Place

May 29, 2019 — No violations.


May 23, 2019 — Though spurred by a complaint, this inspection found no violations.

March 9, 2018 — The dish machine’s chlorine sanitizer was at zero before being fixed. The handwashing sink was blocked by ice buckets.

Champions Patio Grill

May 29, 2019 — “Ambient air thermometer in holding unit not accurate within plus or minus 3 degrees Fahrenheit.” The chef replaced the thermometer.

March 9, 2018 — No handwashing sink in the warewashing or food preparation area, but the restaurant was undergoing renovations. “Equipment and utensils not properly air-dried — wet nesting.”

June 11, 2018 — No violations.

Employee Cafeteria

May 29, 2019 — No violations.

Main Kitchen

May 29, 2019 — Just one Basic violation: “Thermometer missing in a cook line reach in cooler. Chef put in a new thermometer during inspection.”

March 9, 2018 — This was the worst of all the inspections at Doral, 19 total violations, one of which was High Priority and seven of which were Intermediate. The kitchen didn’t fall short of standards badly enough to get closed, but a follow-up inspection was required.

The High Priority violation: “Self-service salad bar/buffet lacking adequate sneezeguards or other proper protection from contamination. Missing in fruit salad section, yogurts (vanilla and strawberry), butter, jelly and cream cheeses.”

No soap or paper towels at the handwashing sink in the bar area nor hot water at the employee handwashing sink at the omelette station. Oysters and claims weren’t marked with the last date served. Lime scale buildup inside ice machine.

March 16, 2018 — They were still working on the hot water at the employee handwashing sink, but passed inspection.

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