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Carnival Cruise bus crash injuries include a spine fracture and neurological damage


Of the four Carnival Cruise Line bus crash victims taken to Broward Health Medical Center Monday, one showed signs of paralysis and another suffered a fracture to the spine, a Broward Health trauma surgeon said.

Broward Health trauma surgeon Dr. Jose Lozada said the injuries were common for a calamity such as Monday’s single-vehicle rollover crash of a tour bus in the Bahamas with 32 Carnival Ecstasy passengers on board. They were on a Rock Sound Island tour, one of three tours from that bus operator that Carnival has since suspended. The ship started the five-day cruise Saturday in Jacksonville.

After the crash, Carnival said, one passenger was airlifted to Nassau and three passengers were airlifted to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. A relative of one of the Fort Lauderdale group joined them in going to the hospital.

Broward Health said one patient was discharged with what Lozada called “minor injuries,” and two others were in “fair” condition. They would divulge no information on the fourth patient.

Lozada said one patient came in with some “neurological deficits. When she came in, she was manifesting some right side paralysis. She’s starting to demonstrate improvement.”

The other patient in “fair” condition, Lozada said, had a spine fracture. That patient will need help for a few weeks, but should recover.

“Pretty much the injuries reported in the clinic and what we saw here were common — fractures and neurological injuries, blunt force trauma, a lot of bruises and contusions, a lot of minor cuts from broken glass, small cuts through glass embedded in bodies,” Lozada said. “One of the challenges is dealing with a lot of shattered glass everywhere.”

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