Listen up! How to get the Miami Herald’s top stories from Amazon Echo and Google Home

Miami Herald local news is now on your smart speaker

Here's how to get the Miami Herald Briefing on your Amazon Echo device.
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Here's how to get the Miami Herald Briefing on your Amazon Echo device.

We have a new member of our household. Her name is Alexa — and she is smart.

She can play our favorite music. Remind us of an appointment. Keep track of the grocery list. Turn on the lights (although we haven’t figured that out yet).

And deliver the local news.

“Alexa, Miami Herald Briefing, please.”

The Top 5 stories from the Herald are now live on Alexa at 6 a.m. weekdays. That means you can hear the most important news of the day, delivered by one of our studio anchors, in the time it takes to brush your teeth.

Top stories from the Miami Herald are now on the Amazon Echo and other services. Miami Herald File

The three-minute audiocast starts with the weather and covers five stories from South Florida and the Keys that you should know about across news, business, sports and entertainment in South Florida.

The Miami Herald’s mission is to be where you are — and more than 30 million of you are here, talking and listening to digital assistants like the Amazon Echo.

Watch the video above or follow the steps below to find, subscribe and listen to the Herald’s flash briefing on the Echo.

In addition to the Echo, the Herald’s top stories also are streaming on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and the Google Home digital assistant.

How to listen to the top stories from the Miami Herald on Google Home smart speaker

While news consumers are finding what’s interesting and important on their phones, tablets, watches, laptops (and, yes, even the printed page), smart speakers are nudging into our daily routines.

We’re listening.

Jeff Kleinman is day editor of the Miami Herald and is coordinating the daily audio briefings in the newsroom. Questions? Email

How to get the Miami Herald on your Echo

Go to the Echo App on your phone

Select ‘skills’ from the drop down menu

Search for ‘Miami Herald’ (or any publication)

Select Miami Herald Briefing from the search results

Select ‘Enable’

In settings, make it the top of your flash briefings.