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Small business milestone: Aroma360 in Boca Raton

Farah Abassi, with a Mini360 diffuser in her Boca Raton office. Aroma360 opened an office in Mexico in July.
Farah Abassi, with a Mini360 diffuser in her Boca Raton office. Aroma360 opened an office in Mexico in July. MIAMI HERALD

Company: Aroma360

Location: 999 Yamato Rd., Suite 101, Boca Raton

Service: Scent marketing company providing essential oil-based fragrances and diffusers to hotels, condos, homes, medical offices and businesses.

Years in business: One.

Management team: Farah Abassi, founder and chief product officer; Benzion Aboud, acting CEO; Chad Gottlieb, chief operating officer; Chris Stegner, chief technology officer; and Joe Randazza, sales director.

Sales: Revenues have increased 15-20 percent per month; company has installed 160 units so far.

Employees: 13.


▪ July 2014: After working in an aromatherapy shop as a teenager and dabbling in scent creation for years, Farah Abassi founded Aroma360.

▪ Fall 2014: After operating from home, company moved into office with its founder and two employees.

▪ March 2015: Abassi’s self-published book, The Art of Aroma, was released.

▪ April: Made first major custom scent, for Ritz-Carlton Residences in Sunny Isles Beach.

▪ June: Started a candle line.

▪ July: Launched the tall, slim Picasso360 diffuser. Opened first international office in Mexico.

Keys to success: “With people being so concerned with health, what they’re eating, their cleaning products, it’s really a good time for us to get in and introduce a healthy way of scenting,” Abassi said. She said “exceptional” customer service is a priority as well as continued innovation in product offerings.

Impact: Abassi said her product gives consumers an alternative to “chemical-laden” options. And, she said, the whole concept of scent marketing is providing users with an education.

“I think that we’re really teaching people the impact that scent can have on their lives,” she said. “It’s a store and they want to influence buyer behavior; scenting an office and increasing concentration. We really focus on the psychological impact that scent can have.”

Strategy for next steps: Abassi is focusing on developing more scents and innovative new units. She plans to expand her candle line and partner with major brands to create scents that will represent those brands. The company also plans to open more offices. She said she plans to write a coffee-table book, and laughs when asked if it will be of the scratch-and-sniff variety.

“People always smell my business cards,” Abassi said. “I should start spraying them with something.”