Cheaper gas means an end to $1 fee on Miami-Dade County taxi fares

Rapidly falling gas prices have left taxi rides cheaper in Miami-Dade County.

The county’s regulatory arm announced Tuesday it had eliminated a $1 surcharge on taxi fares that was tied to elevated gas prices. Gasoline prices in the Miami area recently hit $3.16 a gallon, down about 5 percent from last month’s price of $3.24, according to AAA. A year ago, the price was $3.32.

A slowing global economy, more domestic fuel output and the natural drop in demand after summer have combined to take the pressure off gas prices. Miami-Dade said it automatically dropped the $1 surcharge Monday after the average fuel price stayed below $3.50 a gallon for three straight weeks. The county surcharge last went into effect in April, at a time when gas prices were surging nationwide.