Miami company owes workers over $60,000 in back pay after violating OT rules

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Miami commercial laundry company Crown Linen will pay 20 workers $60,863 in owed wages to wash out the classification errors that shorted worker pay.

That’s according to the Department of Labor, which said the violations happened out of Crown’s Orlando plant.

Wage and Hour investigators found Crowd considered two groups of employees managers, therefore exempt from the overtime rules of the Fair Labor Standards act.

This video from the U.S. Department of Labor explains the updated salary threshold rules issued by the Obama administration that would guarantee overtime protections to about one-third of salaried workers.

“ This misapplication of the exemption resulted in the employer paying overtime-eligible employees flat weekly salaries without regard to the number of hours they worked,” Labor explained. “Additionally, the employer paid other employees straight time instead of overtime when they worked over 40 hours in a workweek.”

Also, Labor noted a common violation seen by Wage and Hour investigators, but one that’s uncommon for a company with so many hourly employees: “The employer also failed to maintain required records of the number of hours employees worked.”

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