Company shorted workers out of $102,000 in pay. And let a child operate a circular saw, Labor says

Three things about Rivera Services Group, which provides construction labor and just paid $104,011 in back pay and Department of Labor fines.

If you go by the paperwork filed with the state of Florida, Rivera Services Group’s place of business is mailbox No. 282 in The UPS Store in Margate. Rivera Services President Jesus Rivera Echevarria lives up in Orange Park.

Labor’s Wage and Hour Division investigators found Rivera Services “failed to keep many of the time and payroll records required by law.” So how did Rivera know when an worker moved into overtime pay? That didn’t matter because Rivera “paid its employees straight time rates for all the hours that they worked, failing to pay overtime when they worked more than 40 hours in a workweek.”

Those are violations of overtime and recordkeeping parts of the Fair Labor Standards act. Rivera has paid $102,088 in back pay to 79 employees.

Wage and Hour investigators also learned that Rivera “allowed an employee younger than 18 years old to operate a circular saw, as part of his employment.” That’s a violation of child labor standards, as well as probably not being very safe. It cost Rivera a $1,323 fine.

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