Shipt adds Costco to expanding online grocery delivery service

Beginning Thursday, Shipt, an online online grocery delivery service, will add Costco service in seven Florida markets, including South Florida.

Shipt, which also offers deliveries from Publix and ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, will also expand into Tallahassee, Gainesville and St. Augustine, serving more than 7.2 million households in the state.

Through the Shipt app, Shipt members can shop for groceries, household goods and alcoholic beverages from Costco, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits and Publix (although it is not affiliated with Publix), note any preferences, choose a one-hour delivery window and pay for their order, which will be filled by Shipt Shoppers. Shipt annual memberships are $99 with unlimited free deliveries.

“We've seen overwhelmingly positive responses to our previous launches in other Florida markets, and those experiences provided validation for this expansion – one of our largest to-date,” said Bill Smith, founder and CEO of Shipt.

Birmingham, Ala.-based Shipt, founded in 2014, delivers to over 20 million households in 40 markets across the country. In South Florida, Shipt battles the dominant Instacart, with service from Publix, Whole Foods, ABC Liquors and other grocers, as well as AmazonFresh, the newest player in the Miami market.