Lois Pope has son Paul arrested on stalking complaint

South Florida philanthropist Lois Pope, a $10 million donor to UM’s Miller School of Medicine, had her son arrested and charged with stalking — on Mother’s Day eve, no less.

Former Fisher Island resident Paul Pope, 45, is out on bond today and won’t answer calls for comment.

He was nabbed May 11 in a Cocoa Beach motel after he failed to surrender to police and avoid the embarrassment of a trip in handcuffs in the back of a squad car.

The Popes, who made $412.5 million in 1989 from the sale of the National Enquirer, have been feuding over the cash.

Lois, 79, claims she is so scared of her son that she hired round-the-clock armed security — and thought of going out to society function sporting a bulletproof vest under her fur coat.

Chad Johnson saga

Chad Johnson really tried hard.

Of course, the former Miami Dolphins receiver is a wanted man today after allegedly violating the conditions of his domestic violence probation.

He allegedly failed to show up for regular meetings with his probation officer in Broward County on Feb. 15 and March 15.

The thing is, Miami-Dade County records show Johnson otherwise was trying hard to keep his nose clean about the time he skipped his meetings, ordered after he allegedly beat his ex-wife.

In February, for example, the Coconut Cay Homeowners Association in Miami Gardens socked Johnson with a lien for falling behind in his maintenance fees on a $250,000 home there.

Records show Johnson doesn’t live there, but it’s occupied by the mother of one of his children.

Johnson hadn’t paid eight months worth of assessments for $1,429. But he paid up within two weeks. It just so happens that financial missteps like those in some instances can be considered a violation of probation.

Johnson’s attorney, Adam Swickle, is on vacation and couldn’t be reached.

Law enforcement officials, meanwhile, have no idea if and when Johnson will surrender. He last tweeted Thursday from Pasadena, Calif., and has maintained Twitter silence since.

Racing news

Car racing great Emerson Fittipaldi‘s one-time home in Key Biscayne has just been put back onto the market — and the two-time winner of the Indy 500 must be kicking himself for not holding on to it.

The Brazilian grand prix driver sold the six-bedroom crib for $2.3 million in 2000. It’s now on the market for a whopping $13.8 million.

The 14,000-square-foot mansion at 161 Cape Florida Dr., with full view on the Bay, has all the trappings of the good life, including a gym and movie theater.

Beating the rap

Rappers Lil Wayne and Drake settled in Miami a score they swore up-and-down they wouldn’t.

The entertainers, who both have homes in Miami Beach, were the targets of a $432,000 lawsuit brought against them by concert promoter Cahuenga Inc.

The company claimed the rappers failed to show up for a concert in 2011 — and neither showed up on court to fight the suit.

They claimed Cahuenga didn’t have the authority to book them.

Still, a default judgment was entered.

And now, Cahuenga filed papers to dismiss the lawsuit, letting the rappers off the hook.

Did they pay? Cahuenga lawyer David Goldstein declined comment but seemed in a buoyant mood.