Shots in Coconut Grove put schools on lockdown

Several schools were put on lockdown Wednesday after shots were fired in Coconut Grove.

Schools taking emergency action included Frances S. Tucker Elementary, Ransom Everglades, Carver Middle, Carrolton and St. Hugh. Although they chose to go on lockdown, the schools in the Miami-Dade police jurisdiction (all but Carver Middle) were not officially ordered to do so, according to Miami police department spokeswoman Officer Kenia Reyes.

Carver Middle school was put on official lockdown by Coral Gables police for about 30 minutes.

“Kids were out on the field for their activities,” said Coral Gables police spokesman Dean Wellinghoff. “We wanted to be cautious.”

Ransom Everglades school was on lockdown from noon until 12:35 p.m.

No one was hit by the shots, according to police, but dozens of officers were in the areas investigating.

Officers arrested one man for trespassing and disruption of justice. They did not take any shooters into custody, Reyes said, and determined the shots were random and fired into the air.