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The new Umbrella Sky is up in Coral Gables. Here’s what it looks like.

Look up at Giralda Plaza in Coral Gables, and you’ll see something new.
Look up at Giralda Plaza in Coral Gables, and you’ll see something new.

The new Umbrella Sky is here. And it does not involve umbrellas.

Say hello to Sun Stories, the new installation above Giralda Plaza in Coral Gables. (And don’t forget to make that #sunstories when you post your photos on social media.)

Sun Stories isn’t quite as easy to photograph as the famous Umbrella Sky, which was The Thing to Do in Miami in the summer of 2018. But it’s hard to beat a bunch of colorful umbrellas when you want Instagram content.

Sun Stories is the work of Miami artist Jessy Nite, who also created a sculpture in Homestead by the Robert is Here fruit stand as part of O, Miami poetry festival.


What does it say? Well, we think you should go and see for yourself.

In between Umbrella Sky and Sun Stories was Sunlit Sky, which was gold and shimmery but failed to capture Miami’s imagination in quite the same way as the Umbrella Sky did.

Umbrella Sky also inspired the only-in-Miami Cafetera Sky at the Latin Cafe 2000 in Brickell. Because in Miami, cafeteras are life. Cafetera Sky was the work of Kali Castellanos, who owns Latin Cafe 2000 with her husband Eric.

Sun Stories is due to remain at Giralda Plaza through August.

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Sun Stories by artist Jessy Nite.