Coral Gables wants a new Umbrella Sky. We have the most Miami ideas ever

Last summer most of Miami raced to Giralda Plaza to boost their Instagram profiles via selfies taken under the Umbrella Sky. Now, the city is looking for creative minds to come up with the next Big Thing.

Look no further, Coral Gables! Inspired by the amazing Cafetera Sky at Brickell’s Latin Cafe, we have channeled our artistic vibes and poor Photoshop skills into what we (though possibly not you) believe is a vortex of genius. And now we have the best and most Miami ideas for this year’s version of the Umbrella Sky.

(Note: the tragically ignored Sunlit Sky need not apply.)

Here’s what the Umbrella Sky (by Portugal-based SextaFeira) looked like:


Now imagine the majesty of:

Croqueta Sky


Miami loves croquetas more than life itself. Imagine looking up to find faux fried hunks of ham bobbing above you in the breeze. It’s like you died and went to heaven. Also, now you’re hungry.

Pastelito Sky


Miami realness.

Chancleta Sky


Downside: You’re gonna have flashbacks of Abuela’s deadly aim.

Alex Hanna Sky


You’ve counted on this guardian angel to save you every time you got a ticket. Now picture this beloved attorney gazing protectively down at you, ready to leap to your aid at a moment’s (and retainer’s) notice. You are safe now.

Guayabera Sky


Miami’s official uniform fluttering in the breeze is a sight we need to see.

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