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5 best things Trevor Noah said at Miami Book Fair

Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show, kicked off Miami Book Fair at Miami Dade College Sunday talking about his memoir “Born A Crime”, about growing up in South Africa under and in the aftermath of apartheid.

Here are some of the things he said at his Q&A at Miami Book Fair. 

On apartheid: “You have to acknowledge it’s an insane amount of hard work. It was perfect racism.”


On how the South African government would sometimes reclassify the status of a colored person: “They’d say, ‘You’re almost there! Just a few shades lighter and you’re there if you’d just breed correctly for a few generations…”


On how he is grateful for the way his mother raised him: “She was preparing me for a life of freedom long before freedom existed.”



On how he handles racism he encounters in the United States: “I come from a place where we have some of the finest racism in the world. You can’t shake me with what you have here.”


On why he and his mother didn’t leave South Africa (they could have because his father was Swiss): “I asked my mother why the hell we didn’t leave…’Are you kidding? We could’ve been skiing!’ and my mother said, ‘This is my country. I’m not going to let someone chase me out of my country.’ “


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