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Here’s where you can find Miami’s newest luxury movie theater — and your own private screening room

The new Silverspot is at Met Square in downtown Miami.
The new Silverspot is at Met Square in downtown Miami.

Does South Florida need another luxury movie theater?

We hope so. Because there’s a new luxury movie theater coming to downtown Miami, and it’s so fancy you can watch a movie in your own private screening room with 35 of your best friends.

A six-story Silverspot Cinema is opening soon at Met Square (when, we’re not entirely sure, but allegedly before the end of the year). It’s got some pretty swanky amenities, which is how we like it here.

The Spot has its own private lounge. You can even watch a movie there.

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The theater, at 300 SE Third St., has 16 screens plus The Dolby Atmos Auditorium with high contrast laser projection, the first of its kind in South Florida, according to Silverspot. The projection offers a more intense view of  your favorite movies, with improved image quality and a bigger range of saturated colors. Black is blacker. White is whiter. Audiences are happier. Or at least, Silverspot hopes so.

The new Silverspot is at Met Square in downtown Miami.

The theaters come with the usual reclining leather seats. It’s 2017 – who can be bothered sitting in a boring regular seat? From this comfortable spot, you can order food and drinks, including flatbreads, burgers, cheese plates and booze. Do you need me to tell you there are fancy cocktails? I didn’t think so. There’s also a wine list.

Know what you want ahead of time? Download the Silverspot app and pre-order food and drinks.

And when you really want to escape the low lifes from the multiplex, you can check out the 36-seat private auditorium called The Spot. It’s got its own bar and lounge area. Who wants to mingle with popcorn-eating mouth breathers when you can watch the next “Star Wars” installment in a theater far, far away?

The Spot's lounge area is for when you want to go to the movie and not watch the movie. Because that is a thing, apparently.

Silverspot Cinema joins a slew of luxury theaters in the Miami area, including Doral’s Cinebistro and Brickell City Centre’s CMX, which is opening a second theater at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale in 2018. The new theater is Silverspot’s third in Florida (there’s one in Coconut Creek and Naples).

No word yet on what ticket prices will be, but Coconut Creek charges $14.80 for an adult ticket. But then again, this is Miami, and you’re probably going to have to pay extra.