This new vendor at Wynwood’s Asian food hall is serving magic on a stick

Sausage is only one of the things you can order on a skewer at Wayla BBQ.
Sausage is only one of the things you can order on a skewer at Wayla BBQ.

Wynwood’s Asian food hall is getting a new vendor, and meat is on the menu.

Popular New York Thai restaurant Wayla BBQ is coming to 1 800 Lucky, bringing its famous charcoal-grilled skewers to town as well as a variety of other Thai dishes.

Rivers and Hills Hospitality Group, the team behind the original Wayla in New York, partnered with Wayla’s chef Tom Naumsuwan to shape the menu. Naumsuwan was born in Bangkok - his mother sold curries there, and he grew up working with street vendors. Rivers and Hills already operates Lotus + Cleaver in the food hall.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll find on Wayla’s skewers: chicken wings, jumbo shrimp, marinated pork, homemade Thai sausage and chicken thighs with peanut sauce.

Wayla curry[1].jpg
Traditional favorites like curry are also on the menu at Wayla BBQ.

The restaurant also serves salads to complement the hot and savory meat, like Som Tum Thai, a papaya salad with long beans, peanuts, dried shrimp and chilies, and Moo Yang Salad with grilled pork, cilantro, shallots, Thai chili and lime dressing. There are also noodle and rice dishes on the menu as well as traditional favorites like curry.

Wayla BBQ joins seven other concepts at 1 800 Lucky - Hayato Miami, Cake Thai, Lotus + Cleaver, Poke OG, Taiyaki NYC, Yip and b side. It opens Oct. 8.

Wayla BBQ

1-800-Lucky, 143 NW 23rd St., Miami,

Hours: Noon-midnight Monday-Friday; noon- 3 a.m. Friday-Sunday

1 800 Lucky in Wynwood.

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