A Subway with rodents and a Coral Gables repeater among restaurants failing inspection

Very regular rodents helped put a Subway on this week’s Sick and Shut Down List among restaurants with roach problems.

What follows comes from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation restaurant inspections. Restaurants that fail get shut down until they pass a re-inspection. We don’t control who gets inspected or how strictly they get inspected. We report without passion or prejudice, but with a dipping sauce of humor.

And we go in alphabetical order:

Jc & Jc Jr, 26073 S. Dixie Hwy., South Miami-Dade: The highlight of the 13 live roaches were the seven hanging out on the stove handles. Five roaches died by the three-compartment sink.

The cookline reach-in cooler had cut lettuce at 64 degrees, raw beef at 50 degrees and poultry at 54 degrees that somehow escaped getting hit with Stop Sales.

“Interior of oven has heavy accumulation of black substance/grease/food debris.”

Along with the reach-in cooler gaskets “interior of reach-in cooler soiled with accumulation of food residue.”

There was a build-up of food, debris or dirt on the reach-in freezers and the exterior of the oven counted as filthy also.

Most of the problems remained for Tuesday’s first re-inspection, although the roach count was down to three (live) and two (dead). Nobody bothered to slap a date on the congri cooked four days earlier.

Jc passed Tuesday’s second re-inspection.

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Le Jardin International Restaurant, 1460 N. State Rd. 7, Lauderhill: Le Jardin apparently didn’t take the inspector seriously after its failed inspection on Wednesday.

The inspector returned to see “customers being served, orders being prepared in kitchen, employees cooking and the steam table with food as observed earlier.”

What also was observed earlier were 36 live roaches, 20 of which were under a prep table in front of the cookline, and 35 dead roaches, including 20 in the oven. So, if your food seemed to have a little extra texture, well...

Stop Sales whistled down on 15 pounds of raw fish, 40 pounds of raw turkey, 10 pounds of raw chicken, 10 pounds of raw beef that had been cooling overnight, but still were way too warm.

“...employee used bare hands to plate cooked banana for customer.”

“Nonfood-grade containers used for food storage in direct contact with food....raw goat head stored in grocery bag in reach-in freezer.”

Raw pork thawing in standing water in the three-compartment sink that’s supposed to be just for warewashing and sanitizing.

“Observed person from dining room entered kitchen to serve food. Operator said person is relative and asked him to leave kitchen area.”

When the inspector came back on Thursday, the live roach count rose to 39, 20 of them behind cooking equipment. They scurried among 20 roach corpses behind the cooking equipment. Another 20 dead bugs lay under the three-compartment sink. Le Jardin stayed Le Closed.

It passed Friday’s re-inspection in time to get back open for weekend traffic.

Sawa, 360 San Lorenzo Ave., Coral Gables: A Coral Gables restaurant fails inspection for the second time in a year. Does the city consider that a zoning violation?

Maybe the place is zoned for roaches, because they ran too strong in December and again last week: “Observed approximately 10 live roaches on the wall by the dishwasher area...”

And, as in December, the roaches could swim in standing water by the dishwasher area.

The handwashing sink was used to store a rice pot. In another sink, ribs were being thawed at room temperature. That can end with ralphed ribs in the toilet.

“Ceiling/ceiling tiles/vents soiled with accumulated food debris, grease, dust, or mold-like substance.”

Sawa passed Thursday’s re-inspection.

Subway, 1375 NW 40th Ave., Lauderhill: Aside from the 56 pieces of rodent dung — 10 under the sandwich station, 20 under cup storage, another 20 with cups under the drink machine — there wasn’t much wrong with this sandwich chain franchise Wednesday.

There were only three other citations, one for employee drinks on a prep table and another for a wiping cloth being stored in the handwashing sink.

“Interior of reach-in cooler soiled with accumulation of food residue. Observed reach in freezers soiled.”

Subway ran on time for Thursday’s re-inspection.

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