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‘Can I wear my thong?’: Everything you should know about the guitar hotel’s new dayclub

DAER dayclub is open at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Should you go? Read this FAQ to decide.
DAER dayclub is open at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Should you go? Read this FAQ to decide.

DAER dayclub is open at the giant guitar hotel, and our lives will never be the same.

What did we do before we had a Vegas-style, party-erupting volcano lodged in the shadow of the only guitar-shaped hotel on the planet? How did we survive the long hot days without plunge pools, bottle service and bathroom lines so long you need to pack provisions?

We have no idea. Fortunately DAER, which opened at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino with performances by EDM gods Tiesto and The Chainsmokers, is here to keep the drinks flowing and the party bumping.

But perhaps you are intimidated by the notion of a dayclub. Perhaps the idea of day drinking and dancing to hours of thundering EDM is mystifying to you. If so, here are some Frequently Asked Questions that should ease your mind about what you will encounter if you dare to venture forth and climb into a bottle of Moet rosé some Saturday.

What is the difference between a dayclub and a nightclub?

You can’t get a tan at a nightclub.

One is open during the day and one is open at night. Come on. You’re better than this.

Is DAER all one big club?

Inside DAER.

Yes and no. The space is separate. The nightclub is an indoor space with tables, couches, two bars and - most importantly - air conditioning. The dayclub is outdoors with daybeds and pools and cabanas. There’s a big window in between them that opens up and that’s where the DJ goes, facing out into the pool area.

Do I have to stand in line to get in?

Yes. Did you miss the part where we said it was a club? There is a general admission line and a VIP table line. Do yourself a favor and buy tickets online ahead of time so you don’t get here and find out admission is sold out.

Can I go in the main pool?


Yes! You can stand in the main pool (which actually has daybeds in it). There are also dipping pools if you are renting one of the 13 private cabanas, which you should totally do if you’re wealthy even though everyone else will quietly hate you.

Can I go in the private pools?

20191102_133514 (1).jpg
It’s lonely at the top.

Only if you’ve paid for the privilege, scrub.

Can I wear my thong?

You are required by law to wear your thong.

Is it loud?

No, it’s a quiet, contemplative spot where you can ponder the meaning of life in utter peace.

Is there food?

Not yet, but there are plans for a food menu. For now, eat at one of the Seminole Hard Rock restaurants or drink your lunch.

What’s the bathroom situation?

Same as it always was and ever will be in a club - the line for the women’s room is longer than the line to get in. Choose the number of drinks you have wisely.

Is there any way to see this place without paying to get in?


Yes, you cheap jerk.

Can you see the guitar hotel from the dayclub?

20191024_170050 (1).jpg

Yes. It looms skyward, its majestic tower the most striking element on the horizon.

Can you see it from the nightclub?

No, but its mighty presence can be sensed via every pore in your body.

Can I bring my kids?


Does this look like a wholesome environment to you?

DAER Dayclub and Nightclub

Where: Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood

Hours: dayclub 11 a.m-7 p.m Saturday and Sunday; nightclub 10 p.m.-late Friday and Saturday

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