‘You just gotta do it’: Will Smith gets unexpected results after colonoscopy in Miami

Will Smith in London December 2016.
Will Smith in London December 2016. AP

When you hit 50, you know.

You have to undergo the dreaded colonoscopy.

Even big time movie stars.

Rarely do they take you, um, inside the procedure though (a brave Katie Couric did back in 1998 after her husband died of colon cancer, which the scan can detect).

Smith showed his legions of fans what he was dealing with “to get his health right” through an amusing YouTube vlog.

The “Bad Boys III” star had the test done Aug. 21 at University of Miami. He turned 51 in September.

In a car on the way to the hospital the father of three joked about how the pre test cleansing process went to his pals: “12 o’clock was a murder scene. ‘CSI Miami’ would have come in to check.”

The camera stopped filming during the actual colonoscopy, but showed Smith groggy in recovery, joking he’d rather have vodka than ice water.

So how did his colon do?

The actor-rapper later heard he had a precancerous polyp called a tubular adenoma removed and he’ll need to be checked in two to three years unlike the average 10-year span.

So, obviously no regrets.

“There’s a certain amount of commitment and embarrassment about being healthy,” Smith advises his fans hours after the test. “You just gotta do it.”

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