Florida couple creates Pokémon-inspired pumpkin — and it’s smoking

If someone plays a prank on you tonight, don’t blame it on the kids next door.

You might have been Gastly’s latest victim.

The prankster Pokémon has made its appearance in Florida just in time for Halloween.

RJ Preston and and his fiance Amber Griffin have created another “Poképumpkin” to celebrate the spooky holiday. This year, the Florida couple has found inspiration with a playful — sometimes frightening — ghost Pokémon whose body is described to be made out of toxic gas.

Gastly Pokemon pumpkin.PNG
A Florida couple has created a Pokémon-inspired Gastly jack-o-lantern to celebrate Halloween — and it’s smoking. Screenshot of Storyful video

The creative couple didn’t only decorate the pumpkin to look like a black and purple ball of gas, they made it move like the ghostly creature too.

How did they do it?

To get the smoking illusion, Preston said they “made about 20 or so holes in the back of the pumpkin to vent the smoke” and used a purple smoke bomb, according to Storyful.

This isn’t the first time the anime lovers looked to the popular franchise for inspiration. They carved a different “lifelike” Pokémon pumpkin in 2017.

Unfortunately, while this year’s creative jack-o-lantern may have gotten the couple over four million views on Facebook and more than 30,000 retweets on Twitter, it doesn’t look like it’ll be able to scare anyone on Halloween night.

It’s starting to rot.

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