Miami rapper Trina mourning the loss of her mother, ‘Nessa’ Taylor

Trina’s music career is back in a big way, but she just suffered a devastating loss.

Her beloved mother, Vernessa “Nessa” Taylor, died Tuesday after a battle with breast cancer, TMZ first reported. She was 62.

A rep for the Liberty City rapper confirmed the native Bahamian’s death in a statement to the website: “Thank you all for your kind words and condolences regarding Trina’s mother. It truly gives the family some peace and comfort knowing that ‘Nessa’ lived such a fulfilling life filled with love and abundance.”

Trina has gone quiet on social media about her mother’s passing, but in June, she posted a picture of her writing, “My entire strength, my weakness, my reason for never giving up, my peace, my joy, my EVERYTHING.”

The “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” star, 44, hasn’t talked about her mother’s health issues much, though she did say the song “Mama,” on her new album, “The One,” was dedicated to her. The track was released last Mother’s Day.

The lyrics highlight their bond: “You always warned me about these streets and this crazy world, taught me how to survive and keep my head up. Taught me how to be a lady, stack my bread up. Yeah, no daddy in the picture.”

“My mom was kind of sick when I was in the studio making this song and I was like in a really down place,” she said in an interview with “I was just in there recording one night, finishing my album and I called her on the phone, she wasn’t feeling so good, and so that was kind of what inspired the song. I went into the studio with all this emotion and love.”

She then imparted some advice.

“Respect, admire, love your mom. You only get one mom in the entire world. You can never, ever get another one. No matter what happens, one only comes your way, that’s a blessing.”

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