‘I have FOMO’: Housewife Sonja Morgan breaks silence on drunken night in Miami

People are worried about Sonja Morgan.

The “Real Housewives of New York City” cast member had a mini-meltdown during Wednesday night’s show.

Maybe a little bit more than mini.

In the episode entitled It’s Not You, It’s Miami, the women are shacking up at Villa Vendome, a super luxe, seven bedroom mansion in Miami Beach.

Inside the gorgeous crib, major alcohol consumption went on, and some are speculating, in Morgan’s case, possibly something else.

The 55-year-old was raging at her costars, stumbling around the room and eventually fell to the floor, hitting her head on the table. An ambulance was summoned after Morgan could not remember who President Trump was, and the group feared she had a concussion.

Costar Luann de Lesseps, who has her own issues with alcohol, thought her friend was “taking something.”

“When I referred to Sonja taking drugs, I’m talking about popping a Xanax once in a while,” the former royal said during Wednesday’s “After Show.” “It’s quite possible Sonja could be on something. The whole world’s on something, right?”

Twitter erupted soon after the show ended, with concerned social-media users speculating that Morgan did indeed need help.

“This Miami trip is bananas,” wrote one.

“I’m mortified. I have to stop watching. You’re embarrassing yourself!”

“I have seen Sonja sloppy drunk many many times,” posted another, “but that was on a level that scared me and made me think there were pills involved too (Adderall?).”

Try not to worry too much about the socialite, who didn’t end up having a concussion. She denied being on drugs, and blamed wanting to have too much fun.

“I have FOMO,” Morgan told Life & Style magazine of the incident. ”I have fear of missing out.”

She added that she is a lightweight because she hadn’t been drinking much before their trip, which happened last winter.

“That’s another thing, good advice, and well learned myself,” she said. “When you’re not drinking very much for maybe a couple of months or three months, you can’t get to your vacation on that first night and do the blowout night and drink alcohol you never drank before.”

She also blamed it on the alcohol, like the Jamie Foxx song.

“I’ve never drank rum, it just went down like water,” she added. “The welcome drinks, hadn’t eaten all day on the travel day, didn’t sleep before because I was worried I was going to oversleep and miss my flight. Ya know, all of those factors added up to KABOOM...I don’t do that normally. It was a one-off moment.”