Bro, relax: Hialeah is the No. 1 most stressed out city in America, survey says

Why are you so stressed, Hialeah? You have people bringing your groceries to your car?
Why are you so stressed, Hialeah? You have people bringing your groceries to your car? FOR THE MIAMI HERALD

Stressed out in Hialeah? You may want to think about moving.

According to a new study, living there is seriously bad for your mental health.

Subscription health service provider Babylon Health released its findings on Thursday.

The cold, hard truth? “La Ciudad Que Progresa” took the no. 1 spot as the most stressed out city in the entire United States.

That’s messed up, bro.

But don’t feel too bad, Hialeah. The state in which you live, Florida, ranked 28th overall stressed out in the entire country (freezing cold Alaska holds the No. 1 slot, and we get that).

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How did the folks at Babylon calculate their findings? Via Donald Trump’s favorite communication tool: Twitter.

The company analyzed over 5 million real-time tweets over a two-week period to find out geographically where people are most likely to vent. The testy posts were from people in the 100 most populated cities.

Analysts mined the posts for terms or activities related to stress, like arriving late or being in traffic.

In Hialeah, they found that 13.03 percent of the folks there published anxious Tweets, complaining about their current situation.

Not a big shocker: Monday mornings saw the most activity.

So where should you relocate?

Definitely not to San Bernardino, California, which came in at No. 2. Or Las Vegas, at No. 3.

So how’d Miami fare? The Magic City slid in at Florida’s fifth most stressed out city.

Hialeah, you all need to chill.

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