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Key West is a top summer travel destination. But Miami will save you money, TripAdvisor says

Everybody loves Key West. Great food. Great drinks. Great sunsets. You can even join in a shark feeding frenzy (from a safe distance).

So a TripAdvisor report telling us Key West is one of the most popular summer vacation destinations in the country is not surprising. What’s not to love? Plus, it’s cheaper in the summer.

What’s surprising is that the report says Miami is a lot more affordable. Yes, that Miami. OUR Miami.

The travel site has released its annual Summer Vacation Travel Report, and Key West ranks no. 6 on the top 10 list.

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The no. 1 destination is, predictably, Orlando, the city where blow outs go to die every summer. The rest of the top five destinations are Las Vegas; Myrtle Beach, N.C.; Maui, Hawaii; and New York City. New Orleans; Ocean City, Maryland; San Diego and Virginia Beach, Virginia are nos. 7-10. The site compiles the list based on summer hotel booking interest from U.S. travelers.

If you visit Key West’s Southernmost Point, it’s guaranteed to be more crowded than this.

Still, the summer average nightly rate of a hotel room in Key West is $336 a night. Better than what you’d pay in January - but not cheap. As a more affordable alternative, TripAdvisor suggests Key Largo, where the average nightly summer rate is $246, a savings of 27 percent.

The report found, however, that Miami is a much better bargain, with a nightly summer rate of $173.

Weirdly, TripAdvisor suggests Miami as an alternative to New Orleans, and if you can think of something these two cities have in common besides being humid and hurricane prone, let us know.

The report also found that the favorite type of summer vacation is a beach vacation. Somebody might want to warn these travelers Key West doesn’t really have a ton of beaches.

You know who does?

Miami. (Or at least Miami Beach.)

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