Travel report says Miami is a top 10 summer vacation destination in the world. Is this a joke?

To those of us who live here, spending the entire summer in Miami is not appealing. It’s hot as hell. It storms every afternoon. Everyone flips out over every rain shower heading out of Africa, and people try to make us care about baseball.

But apparently that’s just us, because a survey says Miami is one of the top 10 summer travel destinations in the world.

Vacasa, the largest vacation rental company in North America, reports in its Summer Travel Report that Miami is no. 6 on a list of 2019 summer vacation hot spots. That’s sixth in the world, by the way.

High temperatures are apparently not a problem for Vacasa travelers. The no. 1 destination was Rome, Italy.

The rest of the top five cities are San Diego; Milan, Italy; Seattle and Honolulu. Who came in after Miami? New Orleans; Playa del Carmen, Mexico; Kissimmee, Florida (speaking of high temperatures); and Portland, Oregon.

Vacasa also recommends a “hidden gem” replacement for each of these cities, a place for travelers who seek “the road less traveled” and towns that are “undiscovered.”

Instead of Miami, the report suggests tourists visit Daytona Beach. We have some bad news for you, Vacasa. We have already discovered we never want to go back to Daytona Beach.

Vacasa came up with the list by with data sourced from AirDNA, which provides vacation rental data, looking at combined occupancy data in June, July and August 2017-2019 in places Vacasa has prorperties. U.S. travelers were polled, too.

We gather they don’t mind sweating.