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Miss the Umbrella Sky? Now there’s a new sky for selfies over Coral Gables

Welcome to your new selfie spot in Coral Gables.
Welcome to your new selfie spot in Coral Gables.

There’s finally a successor to the Umbrella Sky Project in Coral Gables, and it is going to flow above you and your iPhone like a shower of gold.

Not a golden shower. A shower of gold.

The new Sunlit Sky installation is made of gold and silver metallic strips that will flutter in the breeze above Giralda Plaza. Coral Gables has been missing the Umbrella Sky – or at least the foot traffic it generated. Miami Today reported that the estimated revenue from the installation was around $238,958.

The #SunlitSky Shines Bright in the #CityBeautiful! The @CityofCoralGables will once again transform its downtown area with a new, metallic art installation called Sunlit Sky. This is the second public art installation to hang above the newly renovated @GiraldaPlaza and the second time partnering with Portugal-based creative @sextafeira.producoes, to create a unique experience for patrons and visitors to the area. #SAVETHEDATE – To celebrate the opening of this beautiful installation, the City of Coral Gables will be hosting a grand-opening event this Friday, December 14th at Giralda Plaza, located on the 100 block of Giralda Avenue. The event includes a golden ribbon cutting and live music by Jackie Mendez from 4:30pm-8:30pm. *Make sure to share your beautiful photos using the official hashtag, #SunlitSky*

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The new installation comes from the Portugal-based creative group Sextafeira, which was responsible for the Umbrella Sky, which came down in September. The Miami New Times reports that the Sunlit Sky is due to come down on March 10.

Will the new installation inspire Miami’s devotion? Hard to say, but you know Miami loves a good selfie spot. Even the Cafetera Sky at the Latin Cafe at Brickell caused a stir.

To celebrate, Coral Gables is throwing a grand opening party from 4:30-8:30 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 14. Expect some yapping from city officials, but you can ignore that. Instead, listen to music by the Jackie Mendez Band and eat at a Giralda Plaza restaurant. And then find new ways to light up your social media feed.

Just remember:#sunlitsky. You’re going to need that hashtag to fulfill all your Instagram desires

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Miami loved the Umbrella Sky.