What will you do when the cold weather warms up, Miami? Here’s our list

Can we take off our coats yet?
Can we take off our coats yet?

Cold weather makes us whiny. We know we’re crybabies, and everyone north of Orlando knows it now.

Temperatures hit the 40s in Miami, and we have not stopped freaking out about it since. All we can think about is how happy we will be to see 80 again.

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Here are the first things we’re going to do when it warms up:

Rush to the beach so we can resume tormenting northern friends on Instagram

Just another hellish day in Florida.

Taunting people who live in cold places with gorgeous oceanfront photos is pretty much our favorite pastime.

Bask in the healing rays of the sun

Give me all the sun.

OK, fine, we’ll put on SPF 30, but by God we are getting warm again. We’re over this sweater nonsense.

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Jump in the pool

We can go in all the way if we want.

It’s still too cold to go much further, really. We just want to show that we have the option.

Eat a meal outside in the warm, blessed fresh air

A view like the one from the Rusty Pelican would be nice. Michael Pisarri

We don’t even care where we do it. Miami. Key Biscayne. South Beach. Wynwood. Brickell. Little Havana. The Grove. The Gables. We are going to sit outside and order something, anything, to eat, and give thanks for not being penned up inside for another couple of months. Even if we have to mooch a ride on someone’s boat to get there.

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Order an icy adult beverage

Finishing off the weekend with craft cocktails @beakerandgray #Wynwood #Miami

A post shared by (@miami_com) on Jul 9, 2017 at 3:33pm PDT

Pour me something cold and strong and fancy and very Miami, please. Like The Halliwell at Beaker & Gray in Wynwood.

Get a pedicure

It's all happening.

Winter has come and gone. Back to flip flops for the next 10 months.

Stop eating all these damned churros

Fried sugary dough and thick hot dipping chocolate, how I will miss you until the next cold snap.

We heard you have to store fat to stay warm in cold weather, so we stood in line in the freezing degrees, then mainlined a quart of hot chocolate dipping sauce.

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Turn on the a/c

Digital Thermostat and male hand
Crank it down. Heymo Vehse

After all that complaining about having to turn on the heat, we’ll be sweating all too soon and turning on the air conditioner in three, two, one…

Complain about how hot it is

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