From road rage to improper lane changes: Here’s proof that Miami drivers are getting crazier.

Miami is #inspo for Vinnie D's series about a bunch of hot people with loud cars.
Miami is #inspo for Vinnie D's series about a bunch of hot people with loud cars.

A study last year reported that Florida drivers are basically the worst. Then another one said Florida has the second most distracted drivers in the country.  You don’t have to be a genius to draw the line straight down to Miami, where we have a buffet of terrible drivers to pick from.

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Here are a few – but not all – of the reasons Miami drivers are transitioning from bad to bonkers. 

We have reached peak road rage

Miami drivers are so mad at life that the Miami Herald did an entire investigation into what is behind all of this rage. Videos of unhinged drivers taking their grievances to the streets circulate the internet. Like Hector and Jairo, who stopped traffic in Hialeah so they could try and beat each other with a bat over “Why didn’t you let me in?”

In another case a pregnant woman got shot in the head after her boyfriend got into an argument with another driver who then pulled out a gun and squeezed five times.
Miami’s road rage is so a fuego that the same reporter who wrote the Miami Herald story about how bad road rage is in Miami was herself a victim of road rage.
In fact, in the time it took us to write this post, another incident of road rage happened.
For any of you who want to avoid getting into fisticuffs on these streets, take a look at these handy tips on how to react to road rage.

You cannot make us use turn signals

Two cars make to wait a left hand turn on Northwest 27th Avenue and Seventh Street on Saturday, June 3, 2017. The Chevy Blazer on the other side also wait to turn across the intersection without their turn signal on.

The Miami Herald reported that failure to use turn signals results in 2 million collisions annually in the U.S., according to research by the Society of Automotive Engineers. Based on our analysis, all 2 million of those collisions take place in Miami, where no one knows what that little stick popping out of the steering wheel is really about. The reasons we don’t use turn signals are a mystery, but here are a few theories:

  • Macho men don’t use turn signals.
  • People are too distracted to drive like they have sense.
  • Getting a driver’s license in the United States is too damn easy.
  • Police don’t stop jerks for not signalling.

The silver lining? Eventually self-driving cars will take over the streets and our crappy driving habits will no longer matter.

We continue to turn on our hazard lights when it's raining

Local police are tired of telling you. So let’s get an explanation from an eloquent redditor named CraftyFellow_

It is illegal to drive with your hazard lights on in the State of Florida. No matter how hard it is raining.

It also dangerous. Your turn signals become useless (not like you people were using them anyway) and it makes it hard to tell the difference between someone that is actually pulled over and using their lights appropriately.

Stop it. And give your friends and family shit for it if you see them doing it.

Thank you CraftyFellow_.  You are the hero we need.

We use our high beams at the wrong times

We are all scared that Jason could be around the corner, but your high beams won't stop his murderous rampage.

Yeah, we know it’s dark and creepy in Pinecrest and Palmetto Bay and all these other suburban towns with no street lights. Jason Voorhees could jump out from behind a tree at any moment and make you crash that Hummer into some bushes. But now you are driving right toward me, and I can’t see a damn thing. So basically he’s going to get both of us.

We drive slow in the fast lane and pass on the right

Fast & Furious
Miami is #inspo for Vinnie D's series about a bunch of hot people with loud cars.

The rules of the road don’t apply when you are in Miami. And who cares about that emergency vehicle with its siren on right behind you?