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Gassy Gus Flatulence Game

Gassy Gus Flatulence Game
Gassy Gus Flatulence Game BOB EIGHMIE

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Dorothy Stein of Miami

Here's a fun game that will provide hours of entertainment for the whole family, provided that nobody in the family has an IQ higher than 40.

''Gassy Gus'' is a game that comes with a little man named -- get ready -- ''Gassy Gus.'' Players use ''food cards'' to force their opponents to pump Gassy Gus' head up and down. Each pump inflates his belly a little more, until finally Gassy Gus ''blasts gas.'' Oh no!

In other words, it is exactlylike chess, except that instead of strategy there is flatulence. So in that sense it is actually more like the United States Congress.