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Women’s hair styling gel sold nationally recalled for bacterial contamination

Four lots of a women’s hair styling gel sold nationwide in chain and independent stores have been recalled after testing turned up bacterial contamination.

According to the FDA-posted recall notice written by The Village Company, 2,377 cases of Village’s La Bella Extreme Sport Styling Gel in 22-ounce bottles have been yanked after burkholderia cepacia and related strains were found.

The bacteria found “rarely cause infections in healthy people, but pose serious risk to individuals with cystic fibrosis, weakened immune systems, and chronic lung disease,” the notice states. “If you are feeling ill after having used the product, consult with your doctor.”

Recalled lot Nos. 19057B, 19072C, 19072E, 19072C went on sale March 5. Among the stores selling the gel were Target, H-E-B, Ralph’s, Food 4 Less and Bashas’ while numerous distributors to independent grocers and hair care places sold the gel.

Kapra Cosmetics, a Minnesota company, made the hair styling gel for The Village Company.

If you have a bottle from one of the recalled lots, stop using it. Take a photo of the bottom of the bottle, which is where you’ll find the lot code. Email the photo to

The Village Company says it’ll replace the bottle or give a refund to consumers with either a receipt or photo of the bottle bottom with the recalled lot code.

You can also go to the La Bella’s website for recall questions or call 800-699-6852 Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Eastern time.

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