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More bad labeling causing food allergy danger. This time, 2 kinds of sausage recalled

Beef Boerewors, South African Farm Sausage
Beef Boerewors, South African Farm Sausage USDA

UPDATE: the USDA updated the tonnage in the North Country Smokehouse recall to 9,000 pounds and expanded the use by dates to being 3/30/19 through 4/30/19.

One kind of sausage says it’s gluten free. It isn’t. Another kind of sausage doesn’t say it has soy. It does.

And so do North Country Smokehouse’s Natural Irish Brand Banger Sausage and Carnivore Meat Company’s South Africa Farm Sausage join Chef Boyardee’s Beef Ravioli and FUSIA Asian Inspirations Chicken Fried Rice as products recalled in the last week after labeling screwups create a problem for those with food allergies.

In the case of the ready-to-eat North Country sausage, it was sent to retail stores nationwide. The front label declares “gluten free,” but the back label with the ingredients says “contains wheat” via rusk crackers. That’s a problem for wheat allergy sufferers.

So, about 2,601 pounds or 3,468 12-ounce vacuum sealed packages with a use by date of 4/15/19 have been recalled. The establishment number in the USDA inspection mark is EST. 5390A.

Anyone with questions can call Alicia Baker at 603-543-0234, ext. 214.

Irish Brand Banger.JPG
The front label declares, in the lower left corner, the sausage is gluten free USDA

Irish Brand Banger 2.JPG
The back label declares the North Country Smokehouse sausage has wheat USDA

As for the Beef Boerewors and Traditional Boerewors South African Farm Sausage, 379 pounds went to retail stores in Florida and Georgia in 1-pound and 2-pound vacuum-sealed plastic packages. Those allergic to soy want to avoid them, although the packaging doesn’t say so. The raw ground beef and sausage products were made on Jan. 8, 28 and Feb. 7.

Anyone with questions can call Carnivore owner Virginia Botha at 615-614-3134.

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