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Customers found something that wasn’t food in the food, so 11,000 pounds got recalled


WEDNESDAY UPDATE: The retail list for this product, released Monday, includes all Winn-Dixie’s in Florida; all Krogers, Piggly Wigglys, Publixes, Walmarts in Alabama; and all Rameys’ and Vowell’s in Alabama and Mississippi. The full list can be found here.

The label for Zeigler’s Red Hots calls them “imitation sausage” with “artificial coloring” so clearly there’s no organic facade. But metal in the sausages gets a little too far to the unnatural, which is why Zeigler recalled 11,664 pounds of sausages Sunday.

Customer complaints on Dec. 13 and Thursday about metal in the meat caused this not-food-in-your-food recall, according to the USDA recall notice. The 24-ounce plastic nine-packs of Zeigler Red Hots and Extra Hot Zeigler Red Hots were produced on Nov. 29 and have a use by date of Jan. 24. The establishment number “EST. P-9156S” is inside the USDA mark of inspection.

The Red Hots went to stores nationwide.

Those with the product can return them to the place of purchase for a refund or throw them out. Anyone with questions can call Jeff Berry at R. L. Zeigler Co. at 334-410-9845.

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