Travel tech: Lonely Planet, Make My Day

Travel tech

Who has time to read an entire guidebook? This app can help quickly plan your day.

Name: Lonely Planet, Make My Day

Available: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Requires iOS8 or later, and Android

Cost: The app is free, with limited content for six cities; additional content is $2.99 per city or $4.99 for all cities.

What it does: It’s a super-simple app that lets you create your own “Morning, Afternoon and Evening” itinerary for Barcelona, Spain; London; New York City; Paris; San Francisco; and Tokyo.

What’s hot: The Make My Day app, a companion to new Lonely Planet guidebooks of the same name, provides a powerful quick hit or “best of” what to do in the world’s great cities. You get 13 choices per section of the day with the full version unlocked. Each individual attraction, such as Les Catacombs or the Eiffel Tower, has a description, website info, hours, admission fee, a map and a recommended place to eat nearby. The relatively short list of choices is key for someone who’s seeing the city for the first time and has only a couple of days to visit.

What’s not: I wanted to see some attractions at times other than what the app recommended. For example, though I wanted to see Paris’ Jardin des Tuileries in the morning, it was only available as an afternoon option. It would be great if there were more flexibility. Also, be careful with your swiping. One swipe of the page upward and the day you’ve crafted is gone. Kaput. Even if you’ve saved it. Better yet: Save the day and send it to yourself for safekeeping.

By Jen Leo, Los Angeles Times