‘Chima’ toys come to life in new Legoland ride

Legoland Florida this week opened a new ride and related attractions based on Lego’s Legends of Chima toy line that ought to be a hit with the 2-12 crowd the Winter Haven theme park caters to.

The centerpiece ride, The Quest for Chi, is a boat ride with water flying everywhere — no one gets away without getting wet. Riders fire water cannons at each other, and onlookers can fire at the boats, which move slowly enough that everyone has time to correct their aim.

Videos summarizing the Chima plot and characters — it’s also the basis of a Cartoon Network series that resumes July 10 — entertain those in line for the ride. In this animal kingdom, “chi” is a source of energy and power that the lion tribe controls. But Cragger, the young king of the crocodiles, steals an orb of chi, and riders give chase in boats in order to recover it and return it to the lions.

Kids (and adults) seemed to have great fun firing away at other boats, at targets that come to life when hit — sometimes spraying even more water over the ride — and at the adults who stayed on shore, holding towels, wallets and cameras. In the summer sun, it doesn’t take long for clothes to dry.

Also in the World of Chima is Cragger’s Swamp, a small water play area with a few cannons of its own; Speedorz Arena, a large tabletop-style space where kids can race the tiny rip-cord-powered chariots that residents of Chima drive; character meet-and-greets; a 3-D movie and a toy shop.