Casey Anthony’s father struggles to recover from spinal cord injury after car accident

George Anthony
George Anthony

George Anthony, the father of Casey Anthony, is in a bad way after a serious car crash in Daytona Beach in November.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with his medical expenses. As of Friday afternoon, $1,470 of the $100,000 goal had been reached for his medical expenses.

“On George’s way back from a car show in Daytona, 11-24-18, the left rear axle broke on his 1999 Toyota 4runner, causing him to roll his car several times,” the page explains, adding he suffered serious injuries to his spinal cord.

“He’s never going to be the same,” a source close to the Anthony family told People last month.

The crowdfunding site says Anthony just started in an outpatient spinal cord rehab program and has a lot of “work” ahead.

That apparently includes appearing with his wife, Cindy Anthony, on “The Dr. Oz Show” on Monday.

In a preview of the show, Anthony is seen looking frail and wearing a halo, to immobilize his neck.

The 67-year-old says his daughter reached out to him since the accident but they haven’t seen each other. Dad thinks it’s time.

Casey Anthony, then 25, was acquitted in 2011 in the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, but convicted of four misdemeanor counts of giving false information to law enforcement.

Casey Anthony knows that much of the world believes she killed her two-year-old daughter, despite her acquittal. But nearly nine years later, the Florida woman insists she doesn't know how the last hours of Caylee's life unfolded.

“I would [like to see her],’’ he says on the program. “I mean honestly I would. I would just like to tell her I’m sorry. You know that I forgive her. I forgive her and that’s hard for me to say, but you know what, I need to be forgiven by her, my son and other family members or friends that I care so much about. Forgive me for what I’ve done. To all of our lives.”

Anthony also clears up the rumor that he was attempting suicide that day.

“They really don’t know the person I am inside and how far I’ve come,” he told the TV personality.

The couple requested to postpone their March 1 foreclosure trial over their Chickasaw Park, Florida, house, appraised at approximately $139,000.

According to WFLA, the foreclosure began just before Casey was to go to trial.

The judge has yet to rule on the delay.