Casey Anthony’s father in car crash soon after admitting suicide attempt on ‘Dr. Oz’

George Anthony
George Anthony

George Anthony, who was thrust onto the national stage after his daughter Casey Anthony was charged with (and later acquitted of) the 2008 murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, was involved in a serious, single-person car accident on Saturday afternoon in Daytona Beach, reports WFTV.

According to a Florida Highway Patrol report, a witness told troopers that Anthony veered off into the shoulder of Interstate 4 a few miles before the exit for State Road 44.

When Anthony attempted to right the course and swerve back into traffic, he lost control of the car and flipped several times. The vehicle, a 1999 Toyota 4-Runner, crossed all lanes and came to rest off the median on the left side.

Anthony, 67, was transported to a nearby hospital with “incapacitating” injuries, according to the report.

A visit from his daughter seems unlikely. They’re apparently estranged.

George Anthony appeared on “Dr. Oz” in October sharing personal information.

“Casey and I right now, it’s like oil and water, one of us is floating, one of us is sinking or something,” he told the host, adding that “she doesn’t need to exist anymore.”

He also said he attempted suicide after he learned that little Caylee was not missing, but dead.

“I took almost the complete bottle of these 60 pills of Paxil, I can’t remember the MG of it. I took some other muscle relaxers and stuff and, matter of fact I took some of her things with me and I just kept on driving,” the grieving grandfather said on the show. “I drove to Daytona Beach, and found a place that sort of touched me. It was called Hawaiian Hotel. When I checked in, I started taking so many pills, I drank a bunch of beer and thought, ‘Well, if I get myself so drunk and take all these pills at a certain amount of time, I’ll gradually fall asleep and not wake up.’”

Casey Anthony recently made headlines, as she apparently has a new boyfriend. She was photographed looking cozy with Antony Karagiannis, 38, at Bru’s Room bar, in West Palm Beach last month, reported gossip website RadarOnline.