Burt Reynolds: My friendship with Donald Trump is ‘fading’

By Madeleine Marr

Andy Kropa/Invision/AP

Burt Reynolds stepped out Saturday at the Tribeca Film Festival, making a rare public appearance amid health struggles.

The legendary actor, 81, was there to promote his latest film, “Dog Years,” in which he plays the lead, Vic Edwards, an aging movie star.

Pictures show the actor being held up by fest head Robert De Niro and his costar Chevy Chase. The “Smokey and the Bandit” star later sat down on the red carpet, where a chair was set up.

“Great to see Mr. De Niro, who I love, and ... you know, all the people that I know,” said Reynolds, who has lived in Jupiter for many years and helps run the Burt Reynolds Institute for Film & Theatre. “It’s very sweet.”

He also spoke to Katie Couric and Yahoo News about his career:

Trivia: He turned major roles including Richard Gere’s part in “Pretty Woman,” Han Solo” and James Bond.

“I would have done a good job,” Reynolds complained about Bond.

“My IQ dropped right now.”

He added that exes Sally Field was the love of his life but he “screwed it up,” and dished that Loni Anderson took two hours to get ready and he knew he wanted to get out of that relationship.

Reynolds has a girlfriend now who’s “not in the business.”

Staying busy is keeping him alive.

“Work begets work.”

One more topic -- Burt’s friendship with Donald Trump though it’s “fading.”

“I liked him. He was a great businessman and I envied that. We had long talks about that.”

As for his presidency:

“Well, he’s done a couple of good things and some bad things. We have to get rid of the bad things and you know, he’s gotta realize it’s not about ego. It’s about [being] president of the greatest country in the world.”

Would Hillary Clinton made a better president?

“I like her enormously ... I love Bill. Bill is great.”

He did admit he voted for Trump but it was “real close.”

“I thought he would grow with the job... I just pray that he shapes up. He’s too smart not to.”