Five essential rules of buying running shoes

While the "comfort filter" covers the performance of the shoe, it also applies to fit. And fit, while often overlooked in our fascination with midsoles, might be even more important when it comes to how a shoe affects your stride.


This workout can help with back pain

I'll concede that the idea that yoga might aid with an aching back is not exactly groundbreaking. (Deep stretching and sustained, strengthening poses might help iron out some kinks from a long day of sitting at my desk? Shocking.) But I also won't pretend that the progress I've charted through my own practice hasn't been significant. After years of grimacing through lower back issues – and, more recently, a stubborn pinched nerve in my shoulder blade with a tendency to shoot pain down my left arm at any given moment – I've been virtually pain-free since committing to near-daily yoga late last year. It's truly the best physical therapy I could have asked for, without the headache of an insurance copay.


Wina Sturgeon: Are you moving your shoulder joints up?

One of the worst signs of our modern age of joint neglect is that few people today ever lift their arms up over their shoulders. Aside from the few folks who are hay balers or farmers, there's little need to lift the arms high. The upper arm (humerus) rarely leaves the side of the body, other than to move a few inches forward to type on a keyboard.


Spartan Sport is the next advanced activity monitor

In the crowded field of sports watches/activity monitors, the Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR stands out for a number of impressive features. First, instead of requiring a strap for accurate heart-rate monitoring, an optical monitor is built on the backside of the watch. It features a long battery life (12 hours in sport mode) that should be plenty for all but the most extreme endurance athletes – and they can upgrade to the Ultra model to get a full 26 hours. The touch-sensitive glass display is intuitive and easy to use.


Osprey's Talon 22 backpack is perfect for your hike

Backpacks have become such a part of everyday life that you can pick one up just about anywhere. Of course, if you want to actually use it for backpacking – that is, carrying your gear while hiking – you want to pay a bit more attention to what you need.


The after work workout if you sit all day

It isn't easy to muster up the motivation to work out after a long day at the office. Yet, if your job requires you to sit on your bum for the majority of the day, you're in need of mindful post-work movement the most. Excessive sitting for long periods of time impacts your posture, tightens your hip flexors, weakens your glutes, and is linked to a handful of health conditions such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. To reverse the negative impact of sitting all day, Self tapped Noam Tamir, founder of TS Fitness in New York City to share the after-work workout you need to be doing.


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2017 Mercedes-Benz Miami Corporate Run winner

Dr. John Hinkle, 30, a first-year resident at Bascom Palmer, reflects on his victory in a field of more than 28;000.
Susan Miller Degnan sdegnan@miamiherald.com
2017 Mercedes-Benz Miami Corporate Run winner 1:19

2017 Mercedes-Benz Miami Corporate Run winner

2017 Mercedes-Benz Miami Corporate Run winner crosses finish 0:48

2017 Mercedes-Benz Miami Corporate Run winner crosses finish

Runners get ready and go during Miami Corporate Run 1:23

Runners get ready and go during Miami Corporate Run

The annual lobster mini-season begins 1:12

The annual lobster mini-season begins