Fitness gifts you'll want to give yourself

Maybe you're one of those people whose holiday shopping was finished around the time decorations went up; in other words, just before Halloween. Or perhaps you're waiting till Christmas Eve. Or maybe you're a somewhere-between kind of shopper.


Outdoor holiday gift guide

With this crazy warm weather lately, Santa isn't sure his reindeer will be up to the task. So, he has his faithful Labradeer retrievers on standby in case he needs their help to deliver the goods. And, once again, retailers from across the Northland have put together plenty of ideas for outdoor giving by the Santas in your family.


Garmin Forerunner perfect for those serious athletes

Triathletes request a lot of demands on a sports watch, but the Garmin Forerunner 735XT delivers the goods for those who want a watch that functions well during the swim, bike and run. This is a do-it-all watch in small package that fits sleekly on your wrist. You'll find built-in activity profiles to track your running (indoors and outdoors), cycling (indoors and outdoors), swimming (pool and open water), as well as cross-country skiing and paddling.


How to work out like a Victoria's Secret model

The Victoria's Secrets Fashion Show models and Angels have some of the fiercest bodies in fashion. The camera-ready ladies up their fitness regimen in the weeks and days before the annual event, so it's no surprise that their abs and toned muscles take center stage. Wondering how the girls prepare for the show? We have the secret.


Wina Sturgeon: Is your asthma caused by exercise?

Have you noticed that after you get to a strenuous level in an activity such as running, biking or swimming, you suddenly start coughing, your chest tightens and you find it hard to breathe? If so, you may be have exercise-induced asthma. Along with those symptoms, you may feel unusually tired during physical activity.


Nike's Flyknit training shoes made for the gym

The Nike Free line has been at the forefront of the minimalist movement, which focuses on allowing the foot to keep its natural motion as much as possible, unencumbered by the structure of traditional shoes. The Nike Free Train Force Flyknit brings that thinking into the gym, with a breathable shoe that is great for exercise classes, lifting weights and cardio equipment. The design uses Nike's Flyknit technology to provide stability on the upper with very little material.


This fitness tool allows you to exercise anywhere

Barely a few ounces in weight and bright violet in hue, gliding discs are the fitness tool equivalent of a barre class: They seem innocuous enough - even delicate - until suddenly your abs are quaking, there's a deep burn radiating from your glutes to your toes, and you're acutely aware of muscles you didn't even realize you had. All this, and you can stash them in an average-size handbag.


Wina Sturgeon: Tips to keep you upright on the slopes

It's disappointing to be in the middle of pulling off your finest move while riding the slopes, and suddenly you've done a face-plant on your board that knocks the wind out of you. Splat! Or just as bad, you catch an edge on one of your skis, and there you are, sliding down the trail with no control whatsoever and heading towards a pile of rocks or a bunch of trees.


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