Under Armour HealthBox includes major items you need to help get in shape

Are you serious about getting in shape? The Under Armour HealthBox gives you all the technology you need in one package to begin training smarter and tracking your results. The HealthBox comes with a UA Band, which measures sleep, resting heart rate and steps, among other things. It's paired with a heart-rate monitor, which will help you in adhering to planned workouts and measuring the intensity of your exercise. You'll also receive a digital scale to track your weight and body fat percentage. All three items are tied to a MyFitnessPal app, which is used through your smartphone.


Wina Sturgeon: Be mindful of the muscles you're training

There are 640 different muscles in the human body. It's best to think of the human body - your body - as having two kinds of muscle. One kind is bump muscle, such as the biceps of the upper arm or the quadriceps of the thigh. The other is sheet muscle, large and thin, found in the core.


The lazy girl's guide to slimming down without hitting the gym

It's hard to find the time to work out. And there's something about sitting at a desk day in and day out that makes me feel even less motivated. Sure, I walk to and from the subway and climb my friends' fifth-floor walk-ups, but after nine desk-bound hours (and more snacks than I'd care to admit), it feels impossible to make it to the gym. In fact, a report published in the Annals of Internal Medicine says the benefits of exercise can be stunted if you spent the rest of your day sitting still.


Lightspur makes is easier to run in the dark

With temperatures warming up, you're more likely to go outside for a run or bike ride. But daylight is still at a premium, meaning that if you want to exercise before or after work, you still have to deal with the darkness. The Nathan LightSpur RX is a relatively inexpensive way to help ensure that you're seen while exercising in the darkness. The very bright LED lights, which resemble high-tech spurs, attach easily to your shoes. You can change the color to red, green or blue, and choose either a constant light or a strobe setting.


This easy 10-minute workout will help you get in shape

Of all the excuses we come up with to skip the gym, timing is likely the most popular - and in many cases, it might also be the most legitimate. When you're slammed at work and have other responsibilities at home, finding a whole hour (and change, if you're accounting for travel time) to spend at the gym each day can be tough.


Big Brothers match used skiing, boarding to connect

Bruce Wetten and Michael Arment spent 12 years together in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Idaho program. Once a week every winter, they'd go to Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area to ski and snowboard - part of an arrangement that brings dozens of kids to the mountain each year.


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The annual lobster mini-season begins

Folks hit the waters of South Florida on Wed., July 27, 2016 in search of spiny lobster during the annual Lobster Mini-Season.
Patrick Farrell pfarrell@miamiherald.com
The annual lobster mini-season begins 1:12

The annual lobster mini-season begins

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How to fillet a lionfish

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Video: N.Y. marathon runner cheers on Miami Marathon runners

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