T-shirt keeps sweat, stink away perfect for backpacking

Technical fabrics have taken over athletic apparel for a good reason. You want the sweat to wick-away from your body during a workout, not stick to your shirt and get heavy like a traditional cotton T-shirt. This is true whether you're in the gym or outside running, hiking, or biking - which is why when it comes to shirts designed for these activities, non-cotton fabrics are basically all you'll find. There is, however, one drawback with many technical fabrics: They stink. Or to put it more diplomatically, they hold on to odors, both while on your body and sometimes even after a trip through the wash.


The best barre moves for beginners

Lifting and toning your muscles to lengthen your body are the staples of the ever-growing barre movement. Though the moves incorporate ideas from ballet, yoga, and Pilates, the strength training exercise will have you sweating and sculpting in no time.


Five exercises to keep you Zen while traveling

The notion of traveling across the globe induces an exhilarating thrill. Hopping on a plane, soaring through the sky, and landing at your dream destination - what a concept. However, the reality of traveling is far less glamorous and much more exhausting. While there is certainly nothing Zen about long TSA lines or sitting between two selfie queens, there are ways to manage your stress level.


How to stay as safe as possible when running

As safe as we like to think we are when we take to the streets or trails to run, there's no guarantee harm isn't lurking around the corner. The most recent case in point: murders of women runners in New York, Massachusetts and Michigan.


A trail shoe that can meet any terrain you tackle

Trail running shoes offer a lot of variety - largely because we all have a different idea of what it means to run on a trail. For some, a trail is the crushed-limestone or woodchip trail in a park or forest preserve. Others get their trail-running fix by climbing mountains via single-track trails that are covered in rocks, roots and downed trees. Of course you'd like to find a shoe that works for any trail condition, and the Saucony Peregrine 6 comes pretty darn close. Winner of Runner's World Editor's Choice Award for 2016, the Peregrine 6 is a rugged looking shoe, with a tough outsole to handle any terrain you try to tackle. The sole is made of a sticky rubber with many multidirectional, angled lugs that should help you keep your balance over the toughest obstacles.


How to get fit without spending a dime

The prospect of getting your body into gear can be intimidating enough without also considering the impact it might have on your bank account. The rapidly rising cost of trendy boutique workouts and flashy gym memberships doesn't make it any easier.


Wina Sturgeon: Get truly athletically fit

Anyone interested in athletic conditioning knows that fitness trends are always changing. From non-stationary resistance to zumba classes, there's always something new. This time, it's tactical training. Instead of dancing around a gym floor or ho-hum weight lifting, tactical training borrows from navy seals, law enforcement, the military and other groups who excel in strength and fitness.


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The annual lobster mini-season begins

Folks hit the waters of South Florida on Wed., July 27, 2016 in search of spiny lobster during the annual Lobster Mini-Season.
Patrick Farrell pfarrell@miamiherald.com
The annual lobster mini-season begins 1:12

The annual lobster mini-season begins

How to fillet a lionfish 0:58

How to fillet a lionfish

Video: N.Y. marathon runner cheers on Miami Marathon runners 1:03

Video: N.Y. marathon runner cheers on Miami Marathon runners

Video: Conducting underwater experiments while free diving 8:09

Video: Conducting underwater experiments while free diving