How to work your Fitbit to the max

It's been two years since the Fitbit tracker emerged as the must-have holiday gift item of 2014, leading thousands of gym rats and couch potatoes alike to their nearest superstore to purchase the wearable devices.


Looking for an entry-level cyclocross bike? Try Cannondale's version

When fall comes around, cyclists start to smile because they know that cyclocross season is just around the corner. For those unfamiliar, this growing segment of bike racing is done on drop-handlebar style bikes with trail-appropriate tires on a course that's usually a mix of pavement, dirt, grass and mud. The multi-loop course includes obstacles along the route that force riders to dismount and sling the bike over their shoulder to get through them.


How your menstrual cycle affects your workout

Women athletes are finally speaking openly about menstruation. Last year, world champion marathoner Paula Radcliffe criticized British Athletics medics for not knowing how to deal with elite athlete's periods, pointedly noting that they're not the curse they've been made out to be and that she in fact set the marathon world record in 2002 while suffering menstrual cramps. More recently, Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui made international waves making waves by telling a reporter she didn't swim as well as she'd have liked because she got her period.


How cult workouts have evolved, from SoulCycle to Barry's Bootcamp

When we say the phrase "cult workout," what comes to mind? If you live in a major city like New York or San Francisco, your answer is probably SoulCycle. The indoor cycling studio, which just opened its 66th location, is known for its 45-minute classes where riders burn up to 700 calories while spinning to base-heavy pop music in the dark.


This 15-minute workout can help tone body in three weeks

We associate a lot of things with NBC's hit fitness show "The Biggest Loser." There's the mindful, motivational training; the breaking of physical and emotional barriers; and, of course, the emotional reveals of everyone's final transformations. Biggest Loser trainer and Trop50 brand ambassador Dolvett Quince is responsible for a lot of those transformations, and recently, he let us in on the top fitness and food rules he follows to make them happen.


Entering skiing, snowboarding season, Oakley helmet a must

If you haven't been on the slopes in a few years, you'll notice a difference on the mountain - more skiers and snowboarders are wearing helmets, and it's not just those taking to the air for acrobatic stunts. With our increased understanding of concussions, it makes sense that you'd want to protect your noggin in a sport that takes place on a hard, slippery surface. The good news is that with more manufacturers getting into the game, the ski and snowboard helmet is becoming more comfortable and less obtrusive.


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The annual lobster mini-season begins

Folks hit the waters of South Florida on Wed., July 27, 2016 in search of spiny lobster during the annual Lobster Mini-Season.
Patrick Farrell pfarrell@miamiherald.com
The annual lobster mini-season begins 1:12

The annual lobster mini-season begins

How to fillet a lionfish 0:58

How to fillet a lionfish

Video: N.Y. marathon runner cheers on Miami Marathon runners 1:03

Video: N.Y. marathon runner cheers on Miami Marathon runners

Video: Conducting underwater experiments while free diving 8:09

Video: Conducting underwater experiments while free diving