Wina Sturgeon: Mentally train to physically produce

The snow has melted and the lifts at most resorts have already shut down. Many athletes have already started training for summer competitions. But as you train for the endurance sports of summer – running, biking, cycling, even just walking at a brisk pace – there is another kind of training that is just as important as physical workouts. It's the mental training that happens to be vital to victory. Unless your mind is ready for the podium, you will find it hard to place in the top three. So let's start with the barriers to athletic success.


How to find the right gym for you

Joining a health club may be one of the best ways to get the results you're looking for, but joining the wrong one still remains one of the best ways to waste your hard-earned dough. With more and more clubs springing up with dollar-saving offers that seem a little too good to be true, it makes it hard to know which one's up your alley. Or which one is perfectly matched to meet your personal exercise and fitness goals.


Four benefits of spin class that go beyond stronger legs

Spin class has been around since the early '90s, but as of late, the hard-core workout has developed something of a cult following. So why is everyone raving about biking in place? It turns out, like most exercises, Spinning is really, really good for you. To learn the many health benefits of spin class, we reached out to Annabelle Torgman, instructor at Flywheel, who shared the reasons we should add indoor cycling to our workout routines.


Four workouts that didn't work

It's no secret that we've all tried a crazy workout or two. As beauty editors, we're in touch with the latest fitness trends and attend classes for research all the time. Often, we fall in love with it and continue to integrate the class into our regular lives. But every so often – even when we try our very hardest – we just can't get into it. Or, something that works for a friend or colleague just doesn't yield the same results for us. Because I know what I like (yoga) and what I don't (choreographed dancing), I assumed my fellow Byrdie editors would have similar success stories, and a few fitness failures as well.


Why is activated charcoal trending?

Matt Velazquez, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Marquette basketball beat writer, was in Greenville, S.C., last month covering the Golden Eagles in the NCAA Tournament when he sent out a tweet promoting his purchase of a peculiar juice.


Wina Sturgeon: Improving the grip of your fingers and toes has many benefits

You don't have to be a rock climber to desire a stronger grip for your fingers and toes. Improving your grip can come in handy for many things. For example, carrying a heavy or awkwardly shaped item to or from your vehicle is a lot easier if your grip is strong. Grabbing a ball out of the air and holding onto it is easier for a person with a powerful grip.


Seven diet and fitness apps that can make you healthier

If we told you getting fit was as easy as downloading an app, would you believe us? While you actually have to use the applications to see results, there are plenty of innovative options that can help you tackle your health and wellness goals. Whether you're a fitness novice, a marathon runner, or fall somewhere in between, the best workout apps target your specific needs for a personalized diet and/or exercise experience.


Mio Slice activity tracker makes sense of data collected

Activity trackers have become very popular over the last decade, as people enjoy measuring exactly how much movement they do over any given day. But while counting steps can be motivating, it's also somewhat arbitrary. Who's to say 10,000 steps is the correct goal for you? And why should a step while running count the same as a step window-shopping? The Mio Slice, which debuted earlier this year, is an activity tracker that helps you make better sense of all that data. The Slice uses what Mio calls Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) to help you figure out just how much you should be moving to stay healthy.


How to set a realistic running pace

Marathoners who fail to achieve their goal finish time almost immediately begin to question their preparation and training. In many cases, their preparation was good and appropriate, but they may have been unlucky because one of the many variables that come into play with an endurance event was not ideal that day.


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