Six laid back workouts

While toning up and maintaining some level of fitness is important to me, so is staying cool in the August heat. I reached out to a few fitness experts and asked them to tell me their favorite workout moves that are both effective and sweat-free. Below, find six easy-to-master moves that won't require deodorant and a face towel.


Mountain bike shoe gives enough flexibility to allow for walking

Road cyclists tend to prefer shoes that are stiff – great for riding but not optimal for walking. Mountain bikers, on the other hand, usually opt for shoes that allow you to walk around without feeling so precarious. Getting this mix of a stiff midsole that's good for cycling with enough flexibility to allow you to walk without looking like Frankenstein's monster is a tough ask. Perhaps that's why it's not uncommon to see mountain biking shoes that the pros wear topping $300 and more.


If it's hot, drink up!

Seeing a headline about the importance of hydration often inspires eye-rolling, turning the page or clicking to another story. But wait. Please stay with us. Many people need to be reminded, gently nudged or constantly nagged – especially during the hot summer months.


The new rules of stretching

Unless you need to build your tolerance for boredom, most stretching is a waste of time. After all, when you review the research, it's clear that the most widely held principles of flexibility training simply don't work. Which is why few guys ever stick with it and even regular practitioners struggle to touch their toes. Worse, follow those age-old rules closely, and studies show that you'll actually be more likely to suffer a pulled muscle than if you hadn't stretched at all.


Sierra Designs new backpack perfect for short, long trips with its flex transition

This backpack from Sierra Designs deserves a look on its name alone, the Flex Capacitor, harkening back to everyone's favorite time-travel movie from the 1980s. But the flexible capacity this backpack is referring to is its ability to transition from a 40 liter pack to a 60 liter pack though an ingenious system of cinch straps. Pack everything you need for either a short or long trip, keeping everything snug in the process. Of course, the concept only works if the rest of the pack's features are up to par, and the Flex Capacitor hits all those marks as well.


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Florida's spiny lobster mini-season

Florida's spiny lobster mini-season is this Wednesday and Thursday, July 26-27. Planning on catching some of these tasty crustaceans? Here's what you need to know before you go.
FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute
Florida's spiny lobster mini-season 2:19

Florida's spiny lobster mini-season

2017 Mercedes-Benz Miami Corporate Run winner 1:19

2017 Mercedes-Benz Miami Corporate Run winner

2017 Mercedes-Benz Miami Corporate Run winner crosses finish 0:48

2017 Mercedes-Benz Miami Corporate Run winner crosses finish

Runners get ready and go during Miami Corporate Run 1:23

Runners get ready and go during Miami Corporate Run