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Work-out studio can help those with spinal injuries

When Alfredo Iglesias dove along the coast of Playa de Carmen resort in Mexico where he and his wife, Michelle, were spending their honeymoon in 2008, he didn’t realize that the water was only thigh-high. His neck snapped. He was paralyzed from the neck down and airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital from Cozumel.

Health & Fitness

Ask Nancy: Help with sorting through years of accumulated stuff

Q. I help an elderly neighbor who is legally blind but incredibly sharp. The problem is his house. It’s not very tidy and he’s managed to accumulate an abundance of stuff over the years. He needs someone to help him clean it out, but as you can imagine he’s not very trusting of strangers. I can help but I know the job is too big for me to do by myself... Is there some sort of service that can help with this? Thanks in advance.


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