Plastic Surgery 101

How to treat a broken nose

Q. My son just broke his nose for the fourth time. We went to the emergency room, waited three to four hours, got an X-ray, then we were told that they couldn’t do anything and that I would need to see a facial plastic or plastic surgeon to fix it. There must be a better way! Can you tell me?

Health & Fitness

Five easy ways to work out at your desk

There’s always a slump at some point of the workday when you need that pick-me-up. Sure, it’s easy to gravitate toward snacking, but why not get your blood pumping, instead? A recent study found that lunchtime walks can drastically improve your workday by bettering “enthusiasm, relaxation and nervousness,” which goes a long way for an employee’s productivity. If slipping away from the desk isn’t as easy a task, have no fear — there’s always a way to use your office as a workout.


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