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Keeping Kids Fit: Teaching kids tolerance

You would be hard-pressed to watch the news lately and not see a story that involves difficult issues around race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. Your children may have started asking you difficult questions about these stories. Every parent wants to raise compassionate children who grow up to become kind and thoughtful adults, but you may be wondering, “How do I teach my children to be tolerant?”

Jock Doc

Elbow pain may be the result of overuse injury

Q. I have been working out regularly and developed pain about two months ago in the back part of my left elbow. It did not swell and I did not feel a pop. However, whenever I work out the pain gets worse and I have had to cut my weight in half. I also feel some cracking in my left elbow that used to not be there. I do not want to give up my training as I like to work out in the gym at least three to four days a week. Any suggestions?


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