Greg Cote

Greg Cote: Golden’s search, Dolphins changes are local fans’ top Hot Button topics


Golden seeks his signature win in Tally: Entering Saturday night’s game at No. 11 Florida State, the Canes under Al Golden were 0-4 against the Seminoles and 0-12 against teams that finished a season ranked. So, has UM’s embattled fifth-year coach finally won the elusive Big Game? Or does his search go on?


Fins undergo major coaching upheaval during bye: The bye week was goodbye week for coach Joe Philbin and defensive chief Kevin Coyle, both fired and replaced internally. Philbin had 52 games to prove he wasn’t anything special. New interim coach Dan Campbell gets 12 games to prove that he is.


Cats thinking playoffs as 22nd season begins: The NHL season opened at home for Florida on Saturday against the Flyers. Ageless star Jaromir Jagr says he won’t cut his hair until the Cats make the playoffs. Given this club’s track record, I’m picturing Jagr as Troy Polamalu.


Division playoffs on; Miami searches for manager: The NL and AL division series are under way. Aside to Marlins fans: To refresh your memory, the “postseason,” which Miami has experienced twice in 23 seasons and not for 12 years, involves only teams good enough to NOT be looking for another manager.


Florida seeks to keep the hits coming: UF was No. 11 and 5-0 playing at Missouri on Saturday. Coach Jim McElwain said he didn’t want UF to be a one-hit wonder like The Cyrkle with “Red Rubber Ball” in 1966. (Should we tell McElwain they had a second hit? Or that none of his players got the reference?)

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