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Greg Cote: Metric invention rates South Florida sports teams

Everything is about advanced metrics in sports statistics now. Baseball has its OPS (on-base plus slugging percentage), basketball has its PER (the Byzantine player efficiency rating), and football is catching up, with even formerly obscure offensive linemen now graded and rated on every play.

We now measure everything about every athlete’s performance. What we haven’t done yet is find a way to compare team performances across different sports and across time.

Until now!

My invention needs a nerdy-wonky acronym, so call it CHAPLAWIN: Championships plus playoffs plus winning seasons. It’s my simple method of answering, in this case, what is South Florida’s most successful major franchise?

I took Miami’s Big 5 teams — Dolphins, Heat, Marlins, hockey Panthers and football Hurricanes — and figured the percentage of each team’s total seasons that have ended in a championship, in the playoffs (in UM’s case in a bowl game), and with a winning record. Then I combined all three percents into one grand total. Here’s what I got:

Heat: 140.74 in 27 seasons.

Hurricanes: 117.72 in 79 seasons.

Dolphins: 108.16 in 49 seasons.

Marlins: 43.49 in 23 seasons including this one.

Panthers: 33.34 in 21 seasons.

Individual category leaders were the Heat for championships (11.1 percent), the Heat for playoff seasons (66.67 percent) and the Canes for winning records (67.09 percent).

Ladies and gentlemen, your CHAPLAWIN! (Patent pending.)

▪ The Los Angeles Dodgers’ player payroll is approaching a record $300 million. What’s the big deal!? Jeffrey Loria spends that much on the Marlins. It just takes him seven or eight years.

▪ Answer: “That is SO Loria!” Question: “Did you hear the Marlins quietly scrapped their big preseason promise to have players travel on a private jet?”

▪ While practicing in Carolina for Saturday’s game, coach Joe Philbin took Dolphins players on a team outing to see the movie Straight Outta Compton. That surprised me. I always thought of Philbin as more of an East Coast rappers kind of guy.

▪’s annual NBA expert panel’s “Summer Forecast” has determined the Heat will finish fourth in the Eastern Conference this coming season with a 47-35 record. Geez, way to ruin it! Couldn’t they at least have given us a spoiler alert?

▪ Sunday at Cibo Wine Bar on South Beach, Marlins star Jose Fernandez will debut his signature “Jose Fernandez 2012 Sonoma Reserve” red wine. It has a subtle raspberry nose with notes of vanilla oak and worry-more-about-staying-healthy-than-your-name-on-a-wine-label-please.

▪ Dear baseball media: Quit writing and saying the Marlins’ Ichiro Suzuki surpassed Ty Cobb in career hits. That’s only if you count his hits in Japan, which nobody outside of Japan does, or should.

▪ FIU football must average 15,000 fans per game this season or risk losing its top-tier FBS standing. I say this in case you notice crowds seem bigger than usual because of what appears to be thousands of rented homeless people.

▪ The National Labor Relations Board ruled against Northwestern football players’ efforts to unionize. “Dear College Players,” the NLRB might as well have said, “You’re getting a free scholarship. Shut up and play.”

▪ There is a we-want-our-money-back class action suit in federal court over the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight. “Tom Brady, now this? Can we please get some [bleeping] serious cases in here!” said the federal court.

▪ The Little League World Series is under way through next Sunday as eight U.S. teams and eight foreign teams battle to see which team ultimately is the best at sneaking in overage players undetected.

▪ The tennis U.S. Open begins in eight days in New York, and American player Mardy Fish said it will be his last tournament before he retires, leading analysts to Google who the heck Fish is.

▪ Big golf news. Jordan Spieth has overtaken world No. 1 ranking and, though it isn’t a major, Tiger Woods entered the weekend gunning for the title at the Wyndham in Greensboro, North Carolina. Hey, when your world ranking is a current 286th, you’ll take the Wyndham.

▪ Nova Southeastern University men’s golf coach Ryan Jamison was voted best current coach in all of South Florida in a Miami Herald online readers poll. I think this whole “Internet fad” might finally have run its course.

▪ Florida State is now requiring all of it athletes to take a personal-responsibility course. Probably would-a been cheaper just posting a memo to football players: QUIT HITTING WOMEN!

▪ That reminds me. Brewers minor-leaguer David Denson has become the first openly gay player affiliated with an MLB team. Progress: When stuff like that isn’t even news anymore.

▪ Parting thought: There’s a big, renewed debate over whether all kids in youth sports, not just top finishers, should get “participation” trophies. “That’s a big fat YES!” said the American Association of Trophy Manufacturers.

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Hot list

Today: Marlins batting averages. With second baseman Dee Gordon leading the NL in hitting entering weekend, we present franchise’s all-time highest season batting averages, including Gordon:




Hanley Ramirez



Miguel Cabrera



Dee Gordon



Luis Castillo



Hanley Ramirez



*Note: Gordon’s average entering this weekend. Rounding out the top 10: Juan Pierre .326 (2004), Miguel Cabrera .323 (2005), Chris Coghlan .321 (2009), Miguel Cabrera .320 (2007) and Cliff Floyd .317 (2001).


What South Florida sports fans are talking about…

1. DOLPHINS: Preseason half done as Fins prepare for home debut: Saturday’s second exhibition game, a 31-30 loss at Carolina, means we’re six days now from Miami’s home preseason debut vs. Atlanta – a game in which starters are expected to play much longer. Here’s a sign Dolfans’ confidence in a good season may be way too shaky: If safety Louis Delmas’ season-ending injury has you worried.

2. HURRICANES: Countdown 13 days ‘til football season opener: With second and last fall scrimmage done as UM prepares for its 14th season since last winning a national title, 1960s Canes star Ted Hendricks was honored this week by making an all-time All-America team covering past 75 years. Old memories are nice, but fans at next Saturday’s CanesFest long for some new ones, please.

3. MARLINS: Reasons to keep watching (this won’t take long…): With Fish in midst of a homestand, four reasons to keep watching as The Lost Season drones on: 1. Giancarlo Stanton’s long-awaited return from injury is due “early September.” 2. Dee Gordon might win NL batting title. 3. Jose Fernandez will return, again, eventually. 4. Marlins now a good bet to NOT lose 100 games!

4. JURISPRUDENCE: Brady vs. NFL nearing ruling in federal court: Tom Brady and Roger Goodell are due back in court Aug. 31 in Deflategate case and many think Brady’s four-game suspension may be overturned. His supporters include Donald Trump. I don’t wanna say Trump is overconfident, but if the court upholds Brady’s punishment, Trump already is planning a presidential pardon.

5. DAN LEBATARD: Popular Miami-based radio show moving to morning: LeBatard’s ESPN Radio show will move from its 4 to 7 p.m. time slot to 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. starting next month, as I first reported. I know this isn’t that big a deal, but I forced it into this week’s Top 5 list in a shameless, transparent attempt to make my “scoop” seem more important than it actually was.