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Greg Cote’s Random Evidence of a Cluttered Mind: Beckham, Loria will be neighbors, but separated in one important way

A member of David Beckham’s investment group once called the land at the site of Marlins Park “spiritually tainted.”
A member of David Beckham’s investment group once called the land at the site of Marlins Park “spiritually tainted.” MIAMI HERALD STAFF

It finally happened. David Beckham and the city of Miami finally reached their goooooaaaaalllll of agreeing on a location to build a Major League Soccer stadium.

It will be next to Marlins Park and the old Orange Bowl site.

Somebody in Beckham’s investment group last year called that site “spiritually tainted.” That was before they failed to secure a preferred waterfront locale, ran out of options and decided they would either play where they wound up or inside a warehouse in Hialeah.

The proposed 25,000-seat soccer stadium will have nothing but a neighborhood in common with Marlins Park, in that taxpayers did the heavy lifting for Jeffrey Loria whereas the Beckham group promises its stadium will be privately funded.

That immediately makes Beckham more popular in South Florida sports circles than Loria.

Then again, who isn’t?

▪ Rex Ryan jumped out of a plane on Friday. Unfortunately, he had a parachute.

▪ Countdown: 11 days till the start of Dolphins training camp. It’s almost time, Dolfans, to be overcome by the gloom of past letdowns and start worrying your optimism will inevitably prove unfounded.

▪ Baseball’s Hall of Fame weekend is expected to draw record crowds to Cooperstown, New York, next week. Officials warn visitors that prohibited items include weapons, coolers and Pete Rose.

▪ That reminds me. Reds fans cheered and chanted Rose’s name prior to the All-Star Game, almost as if he hadn’t single-handedly heaped ongoing embarrassment and shame on to the city of Cincinnati.

▪ (Quick question. Who has worse hair: Rose or Chris Berman?)

▪ Baseball enjoyed an exciting Home Run Derby but the All-Star Game itself attracted a record- low 6.6 national TV rating. Hmm. I’ve seen that number before. Wait. Oh yeah. It’s also the percentage likelihood the Marlins will still make the playoffs.

▪ Congratulations, Florida State football. It has been more than a week since any of your players punched a woman (that we know of). That’s progress!

▪ UM has decided to sell only replica football jerseys bearing the numbers 1 (as in “We’re No. 1!”) and the current year (thus 15 this season). The athletic department must have had a Worst Idea Contest, and that won.

▪ In other college football news, an anonymous former Hurricanes player claims another unnamed ex-Cane who spoke about last year’s team had it all wrong, according to anonymous sources.

▪ The grueling, mountainous 22-day Tour de France ends next Sunday. Not to brag, but I covered that same distance in a car in a fraction of the time.

▪ Favorites Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams won Wimbledon titles. If you bet on that to happen, how are you going to spend that $2?

▪ Dan Patrick, Bill Simmons, Keith Olbermann and now Colin Cowherd. Will the last star to leave ESPN please turn out the light?

▪ LeBron James somehow won the “Best Championship Moment” ESPY award even though he didn’t win a championship. “That ain’t right!” noted American Pharoah.

▪ Milestone: It has been 15 days since an NFL player blew off any fingers playing with fireworks.

▪ Sentences I Never Imagined Writing: On The Dan Le Batard Show With Stugotz on ESPN Radio and Fusion TV, Stugotz underwent an on-air makeover to look like Food Network star Guy Fieri.”

▪ Things You’ll Never Hear Said, Ever: “Hey, did you hear LeBron James was nominated for an Oscar for Trainwreck?”

▪ Laila Ali is among the latest inductees into the International Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame, surprising analysts who were unaware such a Hall existed.

▪ The indie rock band called “Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.” apparently is now simply “Jr. Jr.” Updates as warranted.

▪ The World Series of Poker has named the “November Nine” for its final-table tournament. Never heard of any of the nine, but am guessing none of them has ever had a real job.

▪ Somebody check on Donald Trump. Make sure he’s OK. Been almost a week since he last insulted anybody.

▪ Conor McGregor won UFC 189 to keep the hype train rolling. UFC, which needs new stars, better hope his 15 minutes aren’t up.

▪ Remember how the “competitive eating” fad seemed cute once? Time’s up. Go away, please.

▪ A court ruling said NFL cheerleaders deserve to earn at least the minimum wage. Thank goodness these women finally will be paid commensurate with the valuable public service they provide!

▪ Parting thought: R.I.P., Bill Arnsparger, 88, architect of the “No Names” and “Killer B’s” and the greatest defensive coach in Dolphins history.

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City of Miami, Beckham agree on MLS stadium site: David Beckham revealed plans to bring Major League Soccer to Miami 17 months ago. On Friday, he finally got his stadium location, near Marlins Park. If all goes well, the team will take the field in 2018. Hey, we move slow here in Miami!


Injury-wracked Fish resume with long trip: The semi-Marlins — minus Giancarlo Stanton, Dee Gordon and Henderson Alvarez — are back from the All-Star break and in the midst of a season-long, 16-day gap between home games. But, given the way this season has gone, that’s probably not a bad thing.


British Open wraps up Monday in Scotland: The year’s third major was missing defending champion Rory McIlroy to injury and also missing its shot at history as Jordan Spieth appeared a long-shot to win and keep his Grand Slam dream alive. Also, Tiger Woods missed the cut. Or, did that go without saying?


Golden, UM at ACC Football Kickoff: The Atlantic Coast Conference’s three-day media event starts Sunday in North Carolina. Coming off a 6-7 season, the Hurricanes’ 2016 recruiting class is rated fifth in the nation by ESPN and The question is whether Al Golden will be around to coach it.


Team wraps up summer league, mulls trades: The Heat went a combined 7-3 in Orlando and Las Vegas, and mulled trading Mario Chalmers and Chris Andersen. Meantime, Chris Bosh called retooled Miami “on the verge of being an elite team.” (Um, a lot of that depends on an elite you, Mr. Bosh.)

Hot list

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1. San Antonio Spurs



T2. Chicago Bulls



T2. Los Angeles Lakers



T2. Detroit Red Wings



5. New York Yankees



6. Pittsburgh Penguins



T7. New England Patriots



T7. New Jersey Devils



9. Miami Heat



10. Chicago Blackhawks



*Leaders in the four sports. Totals for other Miami teams are: Dolphins 10 points (10-0), Marlins 8 (2-2) and Panthers 4 (4-0).

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