Greg Cote

Scandals to triumph, what was biggest national sports story of 2018? You decide. Vote now

What was the biggest national sports story of 2018? You decide. Right now.

We offer for your consideration the top 10 stories selected by The Associated Press sports editors, although we list the stories alphabetically by subject, not in The AP’s order — so your vote is independent of outside influence. We offer no synopsis beyond the poll description, because if that isn’t sufficient, the story must not have been that big or important to you.

My personal top 10 on national stories might have made room for LeBron James signing with the Lakers, the corruption scandal in college basketball and Serena Williams’ successful comeback from maternity leave, but, again, this is AP’s list.

Vote for your top three choices.

On Sunday we will have a separate poll on the biggest Miami/South Florida sports stories of 2018.