Greg Cote

Dolfans weigh in on signing of QB Jay Cutler, and opinions vary wildly

Say this about new Miami Dolphins starting quarterback Jay Cutler. He’s nothing if not polarizing.

We invited readers of our Random Evidence blog to vote in a nonscientific, fun-only poll that asked what best reflects your opinion of the Dolphins signing Cutler, and here were the latest the results:

Very positive: He’s better than Ryan Tannehill, 12.01%.

Positive: Gives team chance to still make playoffs, 37.01%.

We’ll see: Have doubts, but am open-minded, 27.94%.

Negative: Prefer they’d go with Matt Moore, 4.90%.

Very negative: Jay bleepin’ Cutler!?!?, 18.14%.

Broken down, that 49.02% with a basically favorable opinion, and 50.98% with doubts or a negative opinion.

You may still vote by visiting Random Evidence.

Jay Cutler, Miami Dolphins quarterback, woke up this morning in his hotel room and forgot he was in Miami but then when he realize was the new quarterback for the Miami Dolphins he felt safer knowing Ndamukong Suh was on his team.

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