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What NBA players could Tyler Herro be like? Caron Butler has an idea

Miami Heat introduces their first round draft pick

Miami Heat's first-round pick Tyler Herro's introductory press conference at the AmericanAirlines Arena, Jun 21, 2019.
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Miami Heat's first-round pick Tyler Herro's introductory press conference at the AmericanAirlines Arena, Jun 21, 2019.

When former Heat forward Caron Butler watches Heat guard Tyler Herro, he thinks of two names.

‘He’s got a little bit of everything in him; I see a little bit of Jason Williams, I see a little bit of Rex Chapman, I see a little bit from an athletic standpoint, being explosive,” Butler, who’s doing work for NBA TV this summer, said from courtside during Las Vegas Summer League.

“Just being aggressive. His mentality, he’s extremely comfortable out there on that platform, on that stage knowing that everybody’s watching. And he’s having fun.”

Williams and Chapman are both former Heat players who had long, productive NBA careers. Williams was first-team All Rookie and Chapman second-team All Rookie.

“Herro has got a sweet basketball game,” Butler said. “He can score in so many ways. Going left or right, off the pick and roll, the catch and shoot. That’s what you call just an arsenal of ways to score the basketball. And he does not lack confidence whatsoever.

“You see a guy that goes from being in a system with more structure [at Kentucky] to being set free. Now you get a chance to show your versatility, putting the basketball on the floor, showing that you’re more than a catch-and-shoot guy, doing some things defensively, coming off pin downs.”


Heat summer league coach Eric Glass on Friday explained why the Heat gave contracts - with training camp invitations - to forward Chris Silva and guard Jeremiah Martin.

On Silva: “He’s the athletic big that everyone wants. He has great speed. He’s a shot-changing, shot-blocking presence inside. He rolls to the rim, so that helps your pick and roll game. He’s not Bam, but from that cloth everyone is sort of looking for.”

On Martin: “Jeremiah, you haven’t seen it as much because he’s playing with Tyler and Duncan [Robinson] and Kendrick [Nunn]. He’s been playing off the ball, but he’s a ball dominant point guard that can really score. And he’s proven he can pass a little bit too. He hasn’t seen that much of it but we know that’s what he can do and we like that skill set.”

Erik Spoelstra’s wife, Nikki, announced on Twitter that the couple will have their second child later this year, another son. Their first son, Santiago, was born last year.

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