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Here’s the UM player who apologized to Richt. And what Richt wants Perry do better

A six-pack of Canes notes on a Wednesday:

In the aftermath of UM’s loss to Duke on Saturday night, running back DeeJay Dallas reached out to coach Mark Richt with a simple message: I’m sorry.

After he lost two fumbles in the game, Dallas “texted me after the game to apologize,” Richt told WQAM’s Joe Zagacki and Don Bailey Jr.

Richt didn’t feel that was necessary, because of how much he thinks of Dallas.

“I know you care; you didn’t want that to happen,” Richt indicated he told him. “’He loves his team. He’s been a baller for us, a great positive force on this team. But the ball came out a couple times. Everyone knows we can’t have those kind of turnovers. I know DeeJay is the right guy to be carrying the ball for us.”

In Dallas’ defense, he had an 83-yard touchdown run in the game and finished with 12 carries for 124 yards.

Here’s what Richt wants to see from N’Kosi Perry: “There are times he needs to hang in the pocket a little longer and let things develop. There may be a guy beginning to come off a block and if you stand in there and throw a strike and a guy hits you, that’s part of football.

“If you are going to be a pro one day, you have to stand in there and make those kinds of throws. He made some great plays [against Duke]. That fourth-down conversion was a huge play because of his athleticism and ability to spin out and complete one on the run.”

Richt said he’s “splitting first-team snaps down the middle” between Perry and Malik Rosier this week.

Richt, asked on Hurricane Hotline about the loss of Ahmmon Richards to a career-ending neck injury, mentioned the damaging impact it’s having on Miami’s offense, citing “some of simple crossing routes he might have caught and taken a long way.”

Richt added: “Against Boston College, we called that play four times and had two drops. One was taken 11-12 yards. If Ahmmon had caught it, he might have taken it to the house.”

What’s more, Richt said “it’s much easier to try to double-team a guy like Jeff Thomas, especially if he’s in the slot, if they’re not in fear of anybody else. They can do a lot of things to make it difficult to get the ball to one guy. That’s why we tried to incorporate the sweeps [to Thomas against Duke] to make sure we could get the ball in his hands.”

One of those three sweeps — which are passes but really pseudo handoffs — gained a few yards but “the other two, they basically got him at the line of scrimmage. On a dry field, we would have had a better shot” of Thomas going a long way with those passes.

On Hurricane Hotline, Richt reiterated the point he made to me on Tuesday: He’s not going to play young players to give them experience if there are older players who give him a better chance to win.

“They make a mistake, and dad gammut, it costs you a game,” Richt said of young players. “You have to be careful throwing guys in the game if they’re not ready. We’re in the ACC. It’s a very competitive league. We have to work on [getting] the victory first. It’s about winning now. It’s not about [next season]. I’m not doing that.”

Then Richt said: “I don’t think the fans deserve it. I don’t think our seniors deserve it.”

But at this point, some fans assuredly would prefer seeing UM invest snaps in Perry, Jarren Williams and Cade Weldon instead of Rosier.

It’s notable that Clemson’s Kelly Bryant, who is being pursued by UM as a grad transfer, had virtually the same passer rating last season (using the NFL’s measurement) that UM’s N’Kosi Perry has this year, even with Bryant having more talent around him than Perry does.

Bryant had an 88.7 rating last year, compared with Perry’s 88.6 this year. Bryant’s rating was 97.6 this year but he threw only 53 passes before losing his job.

Incidentally, Rosier has a 75.2 passer rating this year and 80.4 for his career. reports Bryant and Richt spoke Monday and Bryant “hasn’t made a choice yet and it’s a possibility he’ll visit Miami.” He has taken official visits to North Carolina, Arkansas and Missouri, and he’s scheduled to visit Mississippi State next weekend.

ESPN2 assigned Clay Matvick and journeyman NFL backup quarterback Dan Orlovsky to UM-Georgia Tech at 7 p.m Saturday… The start time for the Nov. 17 game at Virginia Tech won’t be determined until next weekend.

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