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Former Miami star Beason reveals one problem he believes is hurting the Hurricanes

Beyond the obvious shortcomings with Miami’s offense, former UM and NFL linebacker Jon Beason has identified another problem that he believes is hurting the Hurricanes:

He apparently believes some players do not care enough.

“It has to matter to you more; you don’t see that,” Beason said after calling in WQAM’s UM postgame show Saturday night.

“It has to trickle down from the head man,” Beason told Danny Rabinowitz and former UM punter Brian Monroe in a lengthy soliloquy.

“I’ve got to see a little more passion. It bothers me. There has to be more of a sense of urgency. When you show up, it has to matter to you more. That embarrassment [of losing 38-3 to Clemson in last December’s Atlantic Coast Conference championship] should be there and it’s not.

“I don’t want to finger point, but the way you move, your body language [matter]. Guys with blank [looks] on the sideline.”

Beason also is bothered by players posting upbeat messages on social media after a loss.

“They will post tonight; they will post tomorrow,” he said. “They will be happy. It will be OK with them. It won’t hurt them. To former players, [losing drives them] to tears. It’s bothersome. It’s not what it should be [with these players].”

But Beason said, “you can’t do damn thing about 18 to 22 year olds ... You’ve got to find somebody that can lead. I’m talking about rep in, rep out, how you go about preparing and watching film. All that stuff matters. To be able to hold guys accountable, that’s the difference.”

He suggested players should be asking themselves: “What are you trying to do? What are you trying to accomplish, are you trying to be the very best you can individually? How do you train? How you show up Saturdays? Are you making the guy next to you better?”

Nevertheless, Beason said: “I think we have the right guy at the helm in terms of Mark Richt and we’re very talented on paper. Why aren’t we winning?”

He said he could understand UM being beaten by elite teams. But “BC? Virginia? Duke? You have got to be kidding me. I believe in the staff and direction but enough is enough. You can’t lose to teams you’re supposed to beat.

“You can’t run back-to-back draw plays down by 8 at your 50 yards line [in the final minute]. You can’t do that. There can’t be this self serving, politically correct answers after the game. You lost to Duke! This is not basketball!”

Beason was selected 25th in the first round by Carolina in the 2007 draft and was an All-Pro in 2008 and a three-time Pro Bowler. He last played for the Giants in 2015. Beason donated $250,000 to the UM indoor practice facility in February 2017.

UM is 5-4 and 2-3 in the ACC after losing three consecutive games to Boston College, Virginia and Duke. The Hurricanes play Saturday at Georgia Tech (7 p.m., ESPN2).


Jacksonville-based three-star running back Marcus Crowley’s decision to flip his oral commitment from UM to Ohio State on Sunday leaves the Hurricanes without a running back committed in the 2019 class. But UM is in the mix for several, including four-star Fort Lauderdale University School’s Kenny McIntosh.

Former UM and NFL standout offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie reiterated on Jim Berry’s CBS-4 Sunday night sports show this past weekend what he said earlier in the weekend on Twitter: He’s available to help Stacy Searels coach UM’s offensive linemen.

McKinnie - who was UM’s honorary captain for Saturday’s Duke game - tweeted: “Don’t have to be the head O-Line coach, so I don’t want anyone to feel intimidated by my presence, but they can have me come in [at] least two days out the week & help coach up technique in the run & pass game. At this point all I can give is the knowledge that I have, & it’s up to them to call me to come in & share it. They have my [number]. I made it very clear I don’t mind.”

UM’s offensive line has allowed 22 sacks and many other quarterback pressures this season.

The Los Angeles Chargers promoted UM rookie kicker Michael Badgley to their 53-man roster on Monday and released former Dolphins kicker Caleb Sturgis. Badgley, who spent the offseason program and training camp with the Colts before being cut, hit all three field-goals (including a 44-yarder) and all seven extra points in two games filling in when Sturgis was injured recently.

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