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Here’s what most upset Dolphins coach Gase on Monday as he reflected on Patriots game

While the Dolphins awaited word Monday on whether center Daniel Kilgore and cornerback Bobby McCain will be out for an extended period, coach Adam Gase addressed other issues in the wake of Miami’s 38-7 loss in New England:

In film session Monday, Gase said “we didn’t sugarcoat a whole bunch.”

What was most disappointing? “Just getting out physicaled. We didn’t adjust the way we needed to. Nothing was good. We have to do a better job of fundamentals and making sure we don’t get caught up emotionally in the game, and then we give ourselves a better chance.”

On the injuries: Gase said he didn’t know yet when asked if Kilgore (arm) and McCain (knee) would be out awhile or for the season. He said MRIs are being done.

He said Reshad Jones (shoulder) and DeVante Parker (quad) would have played if they could have and declined to discuss their situations moving forward.

Gase indicated confidence in center Travis Swanson if Kilgore is out for an extended time.

“That’s a tough position to get thrown in there, especially a newer guy to the program.,” Gase said. “All of a sudden you go against those guys. He did a good job. There are some things he will want to clean up, some procedural things. We had confidence in what he could do. His intelligence is off the charts. Somebody [offensive line coach] Jeremiah Washburn has been around before; communication is easy with him. We will figure out what’s going on by the end of today and figure out what’s our best road to go down.”

On why the running game has struggled: “Combination of what they were doing. We didn’t execute right. We missed a couple of opportunities. Nothing we did was good. It was not a good game.”

He said right tackle Ja’Wuan James was removed because of minor injuries, not performance.

“It wasn’t a performance based thing,” Gase said. “He got pretty banged up in the game. We got to the point where we put Sam Young in there.

“Same thing with Ryan [Tannehill]. He was taking pretty good beating. After he got bent back on one [play], that freaked me out a little. It was good to get Brock [Osweiler] in there too and get him in a live action game. That was one of those ones where my gut was saying get him out of there. [Offensive coordinator] Dowell [Loggains] did a good job reinforcing this was the right thing to do.”

Multiple broadcasts said the Dolphins receivers and tight ends weren’t getting open. So were they getting separation or not?

Gase said Danny Amendola and Jakeem Grant “were open the whole game. There were times we were open on certain things. Nothing was clicking as far as we’re open, pass protection. Pass protection good, we’re not open. Misdirection stuff they dd a really good job of. It was something different each time.”

Gase, on the atmosphere around the team Monday: “It’s quiet today. It’s a bad feeling when you get drummed in a division rival’s stadium. It’s not something you like to experience. You’re pissed you can’t do anything about it.

“That’s why today is always the toughest. Everybody is brutally honest. You’re going to have conflict. You’re going to have back and forth. It’s an emotional game. Today is an emotional day. On Wednesday, guys reset, get back to work.”

Asked about Jordan Phillips’ angry sideline outburst and whether it had to do with playing time, Gase said: “There’s a reason why we’re subbing way we’re subbing against that team. It’s no secret why we’re doing it. Whatever [defensive line coach Kris Kocurek] wants d-line to do, that’s what we’re doing.”

Phillips played the least of the defensive tackles on Sunday, far fewer than Davon Godcheaux and Akeem Spence.

Gase, on where cornerback Cordrea Tankersley stands: “He’s in mix every week. Just keep practicing, doing things right. The best way to grab a coach’s eyes is practice well. Do it day in and day out and be consistent. When you are up and down, you see guys get frustrated and coaches get frustrated and the player get frustrated. That’s where he can help himself, being that same guy every day and find ways to make plays in practice ... and be a guy that can be counted on.”

The Dolphins are 27th in third-down conversions on offense (31 percent) and 30th in third down stops on defense (50 percent):

“Let’s just get a first down,” Gase said. “Same thing with the defense, get off the field. Let’s have a third and 2 to 5 somewhere in the game. When our only third and short is the last play of the half, that’s not good. The last two games has not been as good as what we need on first and second down to where we put ourselves in position to have third and short.”

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