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A disgusted Dolphins coach Gase fed up with best players not studying, threatens change

Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson, right, celebrates a 2-yard touchdown catch in front of Miami Dolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso (47) in the second quarter at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore on Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017. The Ravens won, 40-0. (Lloyd Fox/Baltimore Sun/TNS)
Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson, right, celebrates a 2-yard touchdown catch in front of Miami Dolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso (47) in the second quarter at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore on Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017. The Ravens won, 40-0. (Lloyd Fox/Baltimore Sun/TNS) TNS

Adam Gase was livid in his Friday news conference, a day after a 40-0 thrashing by Baltimore:

• He said Jay Cutler will play and start in Miami’s next game against Oakland on Nov. 5

“He could have played last week,” Gase said.

• I asked Gase why his veteran offense has had such trouble retaining information that he had needed to dumb it down repeatedly: “I don’t think it’s retaining information thing. It’s we’re not putting the work in. That’s what it comes down to. If you can’t remember, you shouldn’t be in the NFL. At the end of the day, guys have got to take this stuff home and study it. They’re not going to just learn it all in meetings. We’ve got to find guys to put forth effort and remember this stuff and it starts with our best players.”

How long issues with not studying? “Two years. I’ve been addressing this for a while. I’m kind of fed up with it.”

How widespread is the issue of players not studying? “It’s not on defense. Defense is fine. Special teams we seem to be all right. Maybe it’s easy. Just run straight and hit somebody. But offensively, it’s a joke. We got too many guys that don’t want to take it home with them. Until our best players put forth some effort, it will be [expletive].”

• Was Gase tempted to release players today? “Who are you going to get? It is what it is. At some point, guys got to realize it takes a little effort outside this building to be actually good.”

• More Gase: “I’m pissed. I’m tired of this. I’m tired of the offense being awful. Guys better need to get their heads right. Coaching staff needs to do a better job. Obviously, our players not knowing is a direct reflection of them.”

• Is he tempted to play less skilled or less experienced players to have playing time consequences for his best players not doing what they’re supposed to do?

“I’m not tempted to do anything. I am going to play the guys that know what to do. The fan base might not like it but oh well. We’re the worst offense in football. It’s hard to go lower than that.”

• Is offense too predictable? “It definitely is. 100 percent. We are going to have to figure something out and what’s best for us to do and how we want to approach it, or I guess I have to figure it out. I am done compromising with anybody. I will do what I think is best. Those that want to come on board great, those that don’t, we’ll get rid of them.”

• Asked about the offensive line: “To me, it comes down to more than just offensive line. To me, the majority of the time the offensive line at least knows who to go to and what to do. You’ve got to get the other guys to know what to do to. Got to get the other guys to know what to do too. They can’t block the running backs’ guy [they’re assigned to]. The running backs, we never blocked the right guy. I don’t even know if we know who we got. They can’t block their guy, too. They are trying to do what they can. They’re fighting. At times, I wish they would do things better. But at least I’m getting effort.”

• Gase blames the running backs in part for the poor rushing offense. “We’ve got to stop trying to hit home runs all the time. How about take the four or five yards you’re going to get? It comes down to everybody doing your job. If we start doing that, it might help. That’s on the running back. Do your job. It’s not hard.”

• The Dolphins are giving players off until Tuesday. “I hope they get their minds right and try to figure out why they’re here.Hopefully, it’s to win some football games. This is the only chance we have to recharge.”

• On the defensive performance: “We didn’t tackle very well. That was hard to explain because we tackled so well for so long. We had some of those breakdowns. We need to have guys stay responsible with their gaps. When we get leaky, guys try to compensate for each other and then it becomes worse. When you have guys that can make plays and they start going outside the box you are trying to stay in with your responsibilities, don’t make those plays, that four yard run becomes 12. We had some of that going on.

“It is surprising when we’ve tackled so well for the majority of season to have those kind of breakdowns. I don’t know if it’s that the place [Baltimore]. Both years we’ve gone there we’ve not done well against them.”

• He suggested Nate Allen will be out awhile with a calf injury. “It doesn’t look promising for us the next week.”

He likes how Michael Thomas did. “He’s a true pro. When he gets thrown on defense, always knows what to do whether he’s playing safety or nickel. When he gets a full week of work, that will help a lot.”

Safety TJ McDonald, who comes of suspension and can play beginning Nov. 13, “will come in and can do anything we need him to do. When you put two good players back there [McDonald and Reshad Jones], we will have no problems adjusting.”

• On the Kiko Alonso hit on Joe Flacco: “It’s a tough one. Kiko was in a tough spot. [Flacco] is running for the first down, and [Alonso] is kind of waiting on what’s he going to do. When [Flacco] is sliding, it’s not like a true slide you normally see. He’s kind of half in, half out. It’s a tough play to tell a guy what to do. If he completely stays away from him, and he keeps running and goes head first and gets a first down, we all go, ‘What are you doing? Finish the play.’ I dont think Kiko was trying to do anything maliciously.’”

• Gase said DeVante Parker (ankle) “wanted to play but I held him out. He didn’t get work like a normal practice. I knew it would be a game where it was going to get physical outside and he really hadn’t been challenged in practice yet. I thought it was the right thing to do to keep him out for one more week.”

• On guard Ted Larsen, who is eligible to come off injured reserve next week: “There’s a possibility of him practicing, but I can’t say about playing” against Oakland.

• Guard Anthony Steen (foot) had surgery and is out a while, Gase said. In his place, Jesse Davis “did all right,” Gase said. “I didn’t see him being the main culprit for anything causing a lot of issues.”

• On the chippiness after plays: “It all stemmed from the Kiko hit, when Kiko hit Joe. Kiko gets hit there twice and [Ndamukong] Suh jumps in. It just carried through the whole game. The officials were trying to make sure they kept control.”

• Is being over. 500 any solace or is he too disgusted? “I look at it like this - whether you win or lose, the whole process involved is about correcting mistakes that you make, understanding the why of everything you’re trying to do. When we win, everybody brushes it under the rug and tells everybody how great they are and I’m just an [expletive].

“Well that’s what happens when you [lose] 40-0. Things become an issue we talk about. When you win and you address them, guys just think, ‘He wants to fix something.’ We’ve been embarrassed three times in three losses. So maybe at some point, what we’re saying might make some sense.”

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