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790 The Ticket host Wilson says she has breast cancer

Amber Wilson.
Amber Wilson.

Amber Wilson, a co-host on 790 The Ticket’s morning show, announced on the air Tuesday that she is battling breast cancer.

In a direct message on Twitter, Wilson, 34, said she will undergo “a double mastectomy with reconstruction” on Feb. 14.

“I won't know about chemo, radiation or hormone therapy until after surgery,” she said. “Being diagnosed young with breast cancer and not having had children yet also brings a host of other complications and considerations moving forward, but surgery is step one.”

Wilson said she will step away from the show temporarily, beginning Thursday.

“The doctors are saying a month to be safe, but I’m hoping to be back sooner,” she said.

Wilson said she noticed a lump on one of her breasts last year.

“I went to my doctor even though I thought it was nothing,” she said. “He thought it was nothing as well but still sent me to a radiologist.”

Wilson was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer on Nov. 22.

“It was something I never thought was going to happen to me,” she said.

“I’ve been very dedicated to health and wellness. I used to be a personal trainer. I eat very healthy… It’s much more rare to get it under 40, but I’m not alone.”

Wilson, in my conversation with her on Twitter, said she will “update my journey on social media and hope to help other young women once I'm better. The past couple months have consisted of a bunch of tests and doctors appointments to get to this point where we're ready for surgery.

“I've battled privately until now because I've had more questions than answers learning about breast cancer (I haven't had anyone in my life who has been affected), but it was time to announce it because I will be missing time from the show.”

Wilson, who’s also an attorney, was hired last March to replace Joy Taylor on The Ticket’s morning show – alongside Jonathan Zaslow and Brett Romberg --- after Taylor landed a job at Fox Sports 1.