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Dolphins’ Alonso has thumb surgery; Gase addresses issues

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill and coach Adam Gase in the fourth quarter as they play the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore on Dec. 4, 2016.
Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill and coach Adam Gase in the fourth quarter as they play the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore on Dec. 4, 2016.

Highlights from Adam Gase’s session with reporters on Monday, a day after his team was blasted, 38-6, by Baltimore:

• Linebacker Kiko Alonso had surgery for a broken right thumb but Gase said “there is a chance he can play” Sunday against Arizona. “I’ll know more tomorrow.”

(My aside: Returning that quickly from that type of surgery - which requires casting - would be ambitious. But Alonso will do all he can to try to play.)

What about the linebacker issues? “We’re going to have to look at who we have, what’s available. We have to take a hard look at all this, who’s going to be where. It’s early in the process for us….

I thought [Mike Hull] did a good job. He’s so instinctive. You see him move and guys are not as quick as him to see things. He’s got that ability to see things happen before they happen.”

• Will Mike Pouncey play this week? “I will know more tomorrow night on Pouncey,” Gase said.

Asked if Pouncey will play again this season, Gase said: “I hope so. Everything I heard is there’s a great chance he can come back. If we didn’t think he could come back, he wouldn’t be on the roster.”

Gase is not sure about Xavien Howard playing this week. “We’ll see how he feels and will figure it out.”

• Gase said he expects his team to come back strong. “Ain’t the first time we got pushed [around].”

• Why were there so many open gaps in the Dolphins defense?

“Zone coverage. Got to be as tight as you can.When you play a team that’s a spacing type team, everyone has to be on a string and working together. If you have the slightest guy off, it creates an open window. [Joe Flacco] did make some really good throws. I know early it was loose. I know we tried to tighten it up, but it wasn’t going our way. We didn’t get on the same page fast enough.”

• Gase said there was not a lot of pass rush in part because Joe Flacco released the ball so quickly: “It was coming out so quick there wasn’t a chance for our linemen to do anything. We’ve got to make those windows tighter [in coverage]. We have to take away his first progression.”

• On what Bruce Arians and Arizona will do this week and whether they will copy Baltimore’s approach: “I don’t know what BA is doing to do in that area. They’re two different offenses. They have some guys that can run. They like to throw it down the field. We’ve got to go back to the drawing board.”

• On offensive problems: “We missed our opportunities – you can’t miss on the chances you have. We were across the 50 three times. It was 2nd and 3 and all of a sudden it was 3rd and 12. You can’t miss opportunities. When you miss chances against them, they’re going to make you pay.”

• Is this loss harder or easier to get over? “I don’t know if any loss is easy to get over. Takes a couple days and you’ve got to move on quickly. In the NFL, no matter how many you win by or how many you lose by, it’s one win and one loss. Not like college, where it matters who you played.”

• On Jay Ajayi getting 12 carries: “We called six more runs and [the play was changed and the] ball goes outside because they gave us the look we needed. We were trying to at least keep them somewhat honest. It’s hard. The last thing we want to do is make this a dropback game. When you get down that much, it’s hard. You don’t want to make it a dropback game. You want to make it play action, run the ball… We missed our chances when it was 14-0. We’ve got to find a way to get in the end zone and we couldn’t do it.”

• On Andrew Franks’ missed 44-yard field goal: “He missed it. That happens. He’s a field goal kicker. Would love for him to hit that.”

• Defensive end Jason Jones is back after a two-game suspension: “That’s a veteran that’s been a key guy for us as far as what he brings to the defense.”

• On Branden Albert playing two weeks after wrist surgery and Laremy Tunsil returning from a shoulder injury: “I thought BA did a good job. It couldn’t have been an easy job going against [Terrell Suggs] and he had one hand. It wasn’t as clean a day as Tunsil wanted. It’s a tough group to go against. When we become one-dimensional, there’s nothing to keep them off balance.”

• On DeVante Parker playing despite back issues: “I was impressed. He told us on Monday. We kind of asked him, ‘What are you thinking this week?’ He said, ‘I’m playing.’ It was impressive he went out there. I know he couldn’t have been completely pain free. Talked to him last night. Felt pretty good. I know this morning he’s not feeling great. But that’s what this league is – a lot of car crashes.”

What about the first interception? “I thought [Parker] had it. Everything was where it’s supposed to be.”

• On players tripping in their cleats: “That should have been dealt with long before we started the game. If we weren’t ready for that, that’s just bad ball.”

I reviewed the Dolphins’ tape Sunday and here’s an in-depth look of what I found, plus other nuggets.

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